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  • A must have for a tablet!

    posted by adidobrin

    Simple and useful, which made the use of a tablet much confortable when is to use inside.Excellent build quality, rubber covering metal prevents sliding the device or scratching.Flexible, it may be used in all different kind of angles
    When I will get back in service my other 2 tablets (broked by my kid :D ) I will ordered 2 more such stands.
    All tablet users must have such tool.
  • Perfect gift for my PS2

    posted by babybullz

    Great stand for PS2 Slim owners. The color is very nice, and mach my PS2 Black color. The build quality is very good. Using it is really easy, j snap it on the side of the play station and you are done. It has some rubber on the bottom of the stand so it doesn't move and it is very stable. When in vertical position play station is very compact and even looking stylish.
    The price is superb. In my country the price of the same product is maby 3 times more. The build quality is very good. The plastic seems to be the same as my Play Station 2.
    Fits perfect. Great Price. Only for Slim Play Stations 2 anyway. If you own PS2, make a present for you. It relly looks very slick with this vertical stand.
  • Se adapta perfectamente

    posted by suppli3r

    Se adapta perfectamente al ancho del ipad y lo coloca de manera que se puede leer y utilizar perfectamente sin sujetarlo.No hace falta quitar la funda "oficial" del ipad para colocarlo en el soporte
    Tardó menos que otras veces en llegar el paquete.Viene en una pequeña caja de cartón y correctamente embalado
    Una compra recomendable si quieres un soporte pequeño y manejable para el ipad
  • It works like charm

    posted by rimolo

    Works like charm. Perfect. I was looking for something like this for a while. This gadget is really simple, quality is OK, it is good, works perfect. I recommend.
    Well, not about the product itself, but the PS3 new slim model itself: It is really slim and even with this new base, it continues to be so slim you could knock it down. Anyway the gadget is there to avoid this; use it wisely and just be careful.
    I am very satisfied. It is very cool on the vertical position and I have more available space. Last 3 words: Go get it!
  • Durable, works well for most phones and tablets

    posted by COsg

    Bought this more than 2 years ago, and it's still chugging along and working well. The materials are light plastic and the operation to set it up is relatively easy to master- you can set up the stand in a a few different approaches, but the end position is still the same, and works well. The design is simple and effective and the build quality is good. Materials used are slightly on the cheap looking side, but its light, compact and easy to set up. What not to like? The price is affordable.
    It definitely serves its purpose well. I can't really see the need to buy anything else more fancy and more expensive
    Highly recommendable. There are so many designs out there, so it will boil down to subjective factors like color, looks, appeal, texture.

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