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  • Works well but no video

    posted by Zeddeh

    - works well with Samsung TL500/EX1
    - seems to be built well, even dropping it repeatedly from several feet doesn't even dent it, even though its just plastic
    - can control playback (left/right) and taking photos (zoom in/out)
    - seems responsive to around 15-20 feet
    - can veer about 30' either side and it still works
    - battery comes included
    - middle "S" button takes photo/activates video
    - left arrow: prev image (playback mode only)
    - right arrow: next image (playback mode only)
    - top arrow: changes screen display styles (playback mode only)
    - top left: zooms out during photo/video
    - top right: zooms in during photo/video
    These two zoom options also work in playback mode to see more detail in photos
    - does not take picture immediately, takes 2 seconds while auto sensor flashes (even if sensor light is turned off in menu)
    - when the camera is in video mode it will zoom in/out using the top left/right buttons, however unlike the camera zoom control, its not a smooth zoom... it zooms a tiny bit, stops, zooms a tiny bit more. So, not so good for zooming while shooting video. I use the remote to zoom to the amount I want, then start shooting.
    - TL500 issue: if camera goes into sleep mode, then the remote function gets de-activated, when turned back on you need to return to menu to re-activate remote, best when using this remote to set sleep ode to 5 or 10 min to avoid this
    Overall for the price its a useful item. Like I mentioned above its larger than I would like, but it certainly has its uses, and for this price beats paying a much higher price for the OEM.
    I mostly use it to either replace the timer function (in photos) or for using video where I want to be included. Also is handy to sit back and view the photos I took the previous day by going to playback mode and using the remote to prev/next instead of pushing the button on camera repeatedly
    If it was thinner and didn't "jerk" when zooming in video I'd give it 5 stars
    Overall I am happy with the purchase.
  • Very Good

    posted by Ferjnando

    -Small (you can put it in your pocket)
    -Resistent (my friend dropped it from 2nd floor and nothing happend)
    -Make great photos
    -Strong magnet
    As I use case on my cell phone I had to cut it so the lens could fit.
    Before you buy it see if you have space on your cell phone and if the cell phone camera have a circle lens so you can place the metal part behind your cell phone.
    I took lots of photos with this lens and my mobile phone, with 8MP. Even with zoom, the photos were good
    Give a good effect when filming even if you do it in HD
  • Very good case

    posted by bocad2

    I bought it for my sony cybershot camera. It fit just right! I take it everywhere, and it proved to be very resistant and usefull. The loop neck works perfctly, and it is very good if you are taking pictures and want to keep the hands free to do whatever you want.
    Its quality and price makes it a perfect product to the ones who wants to protect you camera, and have it in a safe place too.
    Excelent product!I Strongly recomend it. THe loop neck makes it very usefull.
  • It works

    posted by karamila

    1) It works. I have Pentax K 200 D camera and it works as I expected. :-)
    2) It comes with the battery, which is great.
    3) It's about a quarter price I would pay in my country, but why buy original if the copy works as well for less money, right?
    What more you need?
    4) Oh, and it's small so it fits to pocket easily
    Excellent buy, I recommend
  • Buy Do not think

    posted by Nuliss

    As for the price it is a very good thing, it is very easy to install and also use an. In our country, the camera costs twice. Yes that is bought
    Could be more mounting adapters, and longer wires because I assembled the bus
    As for the price it is a very good thing, it is very easy to install and also use an. In our country, the camera costs twice. Yes that is bought

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