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color lighter Customers Reviews

  • Handy to have

    posted by KiwiMark

    Honest brand.
    Feels well made - good construction.
    Lights on the first click just about every time (will light first try 10 times in a row more often than not).
    Nice hot jet flame.
    Wind resistant.
    No flint to replace.
    Flame hot enough to solder with and can be directed downwards for lighting candles - definitely some advantages over the cheap plastic disposable lighters.
    Great for the backyard BBQ - opens bottles and lights whatever you need lit. The Honest brand lighters tend to be well made and work well. If you want a lighter that has a bottle opener & corkscrew then here it is - buy it!
  • Beautifull

    posted by chelsea470

    The color is very nice and showy.
    The brilliant stuck well estan.
    The material is good and weighs a bit the burner.
    The button seems that it works likely.
    It is elegant and small. It stands out a bit overhead and one sees enough good.
    In my house he has liked it to the whole world and estan thinking of being bought some for the car.
    Apart there are several colors though it is charmed with to my purple one.
    It is showy and the color is elegant. The material is good and the button works well.
  • Da Gadget!

    posted by boka009

    The lighter itself is a great gadget.No matter if it`s used occasionally or daily you will be pleased.Little bit hard to light cigarettes because it burns the whole tip.
    But, mostly it`s not ordered from here for lighting up cigarettes...
    And, YOU CAN adjust the flame!The screwdriver goes in the same hole where you fuel it. there is even a + and - indicator!
    A great gadget!Wherever you go and whatever you light with it, you will raise interest and curiosity of others!
    Very well recommended.
  • useful and very good...!

    posted by NoamPaz

    really good product
    works perfectly
    i use it alot because beer and ciggarte are great together
    opens beer easily
    not too small and not too big - fits perfectly in my pocket and really good .
    also a very pretty lighter.
    it is a great product that worth buying, im sure everyone that will buy it will enjoy it, i did =]
    in conclusion it is a great purche, not exensive, and works great. two things in one lighter. buy it you wont regret
  • so amazingly useful

    posted by mattriley

    this lighter is fantastic there is nothing wrong with it. it has been fantastic for setting what i want on fire! even on the windiest of days i still managed to light my rockets with ease.
    i like the ability to melt all sorts of metal even managed to melt glass at one point although the lighter got a bit hot itself.
    fantastic buy i am so glad i talked myself into getting this it has really been so useful. even if it was just to give it to my smoker friends to watch them gasp in shock as they spark up almost removing their eyebrows.

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