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You will be surprised our best color led light bulbs with an artful design and an amazing price. DX is an E-commerce online retailer situated in China with more than 100,000 cool gadgets with free worldwide shipping. e27 led light bulb or rgb led light bulb contains many hot and popular products. DX is the world leader in electronic gadgets.
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color led light bulbs Customers Reviews

  • party bulb

    posted by dsheikh

    This light is a work of art! The three colors and multiple lens angles create a pleasing display on the walls. The lights change in a repeating pattern and several bulbs may be synchronized by turning them on one at a time. Great for parties and dancing.
    This is a nice product but its not a grow light.
    I like the light so much, I'm going to purchase a few more.
  • a very novel item

    posted by spaceyman

    can be clipped to something whether to yourself or something and this little torch gives of a decent ammount of light,that suprised meconsidering the price being so low,
    not changed the batteries yet in over a month,it has only been turned on approx a dozen times,have it here with me now at my desk and i flicked on the switch and it still is working bright and fine.
    well priced novelty item well worth getting add it onto a belt or keychain.bright and seems reliable.dx also sells the trays of the batteries and they aint over expensive.
  • Very Nice

    posted by DaanK

    This is a great colour light bulb for a very low price. It is, compared to SKU44357 smaller, a bit brighter and the colours are also a bit warmer, which is nice. The remote works good enough: until ~1 m. away from the lamp, it is extremely responsive, for 2-3 m. you must aim a little bit more, but is still responsive enough, and for 3> you should aim a bit more, and the lamp might not always react.Red, green and blue look very good. The same applies to many mixed colours, although they most of the time don't look like the one on the remote.
    DO NOT USE IT AS MAIN LIGHT SOURCE!A lot of people ask about this. It is great as extra lamp, to give your room a better look, but it is definitely not bright enough (even not with three of them) to light up a whole room.
    Nice lamp at a very low cost. It really adds something to your room. There are some cons, but the pros outweigh them with ease. Don't hesitate, just buy one!
  • unbelievable

    posted by Rayman77

    this light is very cheap compare to those I found in my local store..
    it is much brighter than expected for a led light. Might be like a classic 60 watt light but directional.
    I really like it!
    I think this is a very good product if you need some light.
    moreover you can select four light intensity which is great!
  • Works well, cool gadget.

    posted by steinarey

    It's a great thing that works quite well. The effects are solid and the colors are bright and alive. It's all as easy to use as expected, a remote with buttons which you point at the bulb and it does what you command it to. One of the effect has very smooth switches between the colors that's quite mesmerising. It has a solid build to it and looks nice, for a lightbulb. Because it's a LED bulb it's energy efficiant and cold to the touch.
    It probably would have been better if the remote was RF instead of IR to get better reach.
    It does exactly what you expect it to do and does it well. It's cool for decorating, outside, setting the mood or just looking nice. It does so very well. LED lights are cold so you can put it in places you might not put convensional bulbs and can therefor decorate tight spaces.


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