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You will be surprised our best color led keychain with an artful design and an amazing price. Our customer service team will repond promptly to your questions, making your shopping experience stress free and easier. Try browsing black keychain led, keychain led sound. Read independent customer reviews to see just how large and popular DX online retail website is.
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color led keychain Customers Reviews

  • A tiny light show.

    posted by gasbag11

    One of the best little "fun" lights I've bought at DX. Seems pretty sturdy. Hold down the front button (near the lens) and the laser comes on. Click the other button once, and the flashlight comes on and stays on. Click it again and the "light show" starts. Click again and it shuts off.
    The white led is useful as a keychain light, or finding something under the bad, or finding a bigger flashlight if the power goes off. The laser works well too, but the best feature is the mini light show. It changes colors and blinks at three different speeds. Very cool.
    It is an actual laser so it's not suggested for little kids, but it's great for big kids like me. I'll have to make sure my 7 year old granddaughter doesn't see it. LOL
  • Very pretty torch

    posted by garytnz

    The flashlight has a very attractive, quality finish. There is a handy plastic sleeve to hold the batteries, which makes it much easier to load teh batteries than on other similar torches. There is a small insulating disk behind the batteries to prevent them discharging in transit. You will need to remove this before use.
    These are of course first impressions!
    For the price - how can you go wrong?
  • a very novel item

    posted by spaceyman

    can be clipped to something whether to yourself or something and this little torch gives of a decent ammount of light,that suprised meconsidering the price being so low,
    not changed the batteries yet in over a month,it has only been turned on approx a dozen times,have it here with me now at my desk and i flicked on the switch and it still is working bright and fine.
    well priced novelty item well worth getting add it onto a belt or keychain.bright and seems reliable.dx also sells the trays of the batteries and they aint over expensive.
  • 2 LEDs light up your life, substantial red laser

    posted by Gamleged

    . Two LEDs are clearly better than one, on this keychain unit
    . The red laser will print a visible dot on a white target 1/2 mile away, it's notably stronger than you'd expect
    . Unit and carabiner seem substantially built
    I've bought and used the lesser 1 LED/laser unit (offered by DX as a 4-pack) for about 1/2 the per-item price of this unit and wore one for a while and gave others away, but this happily replaces the smaller unit.
    The two LEDs will provide a much better spread of light, great for a keychain item, and the laser will reach out as well as some I've seen advertised as 5mW lasers, a laser also much brighter than earlier keychain items I've seen/owned.
    Powered by included three chunky LR44 batteries which should last a good long time.

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