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Buy quality color ink jet at our online store at low prices. Dx offers a range of products from consumer electronics to outdoor sports gadgets and so much more. At DX there is something to suit everyone. Your support is our greatest motivation.

color ink jet Customers Reviews

  • Total bang for the buck

    posted by jfmoreira

    Refillable cartdriges. No need for that messy bulk-ink sh** that people that print a TON of copied per day use. They should last apporximately FIVE times more than regular Epson originals (that have 2ml on then).
    A LOT better than buying those DAMNED EPSON originals. Their ink is good but is expensive and here in Brazil you SIMPLY do not get any replies from EPSON authorized stores that should carry them! Thank you for your lousy support, Epson, inks from you, never more!
    Buy it NOW if your printer is a CX7300 (or others compatible).
  • Ink

    posted by Corey2011

    *Cheap ink these days cost so much in the shops
    * Your able to refill your ink after use easy without any real problems or you can always come back here and get some more
    * Free Postage
    * No problems good quality ink
    Great buy for someone looking to save some money and get some free postage and sit back and wait for it to arrive, and you can buy a cheap refill pack and just load the ink back up easy, this is good to have since most printers will not let you scan if you have no ink so well worth the money
  • Veery good

    posted by Ismaelrubens18

    no problem, the product has an excellent quality
    very good product and good qualityProduct usage proficional
    Product usage proficionalThe product has an ideal size to be transported anywhere. I come to thank you all from the Moment of art does for people.Only God could pay for the good times we provide.And more than anything, it gives people the opportunity to learn wonderful things, and a great chance to take many courses of their livelihood.God bless you all and that next year will be full of achievements.A big hug
  • Very good. Excellent!

    posted by zeresende

    Product with great quality, works perfectly in a epson DX7400 even with the difficulties in finding that there are good chips for this printer. Ejectors also work very well in relation to this product really only good things.
    With such a system is cheaper can save lots of money, besides the very values ??that printer.
  • Good cartridges for a good price!

    posted by Tooticky

    Good build quality. Can pour up to 10ml. Automatically reset! Perfect fit to my PX650.
    For people who didn't find how to use it:Remove a yellow label. After filling the cartridge you should fill the valve on the bottom of cartridge with ink (for avoid penetration of air into system), make it through a small syringe (about 2ml.), previously having removed a needle. If after several days of work your printer gives out the message, that it can not recognize a cartridge, it means, that the cartridge’s chip is necessary to reset. Simply take out cartridge and insert it again.
    Great deal!

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