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color ink jet cartridge

The perfect color ink jet cartridge here to meet all your needs. At DX we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers, with a prompt and helpful response. We hope that you have a fulfilling shopping expreience, on China's leading e-commerce retailer website.

color ink jet cartridge Customers Reviews

  • Awesome!!!!

    posted by astoriya

    - Plastic looks quite sturdy.
    - Good manufacturing quality.
    The cartridges are well made. They look good and are very useful in order to save money on printing.
    I think this is a good product and you can save a lot of money on printer ink.
    Nice way to spend your money!
    Can be used for home printing. I advise you to buy without reservations.
    You definitely should buy it if you're having problems finding Epson originals in your country, or if you dissatisfied with the price Epson charges over their almost empty cartdriges ("the most expensive liquid in the world").
  • Good replacement cartidges

    posted by gsalinas

    Easy to refill the ink. Translucid, so you can see the ink level easily. The PC recognices the ink level to FULL. Fits as the original ones.
    Good product. You can use it without problem.
    Works as be intended. Very useful to replace original or compatibles cartidges, so you can refill it at home.
  • Total bang for the buck

    posted by jfmoreira

    Refillable cartdriges. No need for that messy bulk-ink sh** that people that print a TON of copied per day use. They should last apporximately FIVE times more than regular Epson originals (that have 2ml on then).
    A LOT better than buying those DAMNED EPSON originals. Their ink is good but is expensive and here in Brazil you SIMPLY do not get any replies from EPSON authorized stores that should carry them! Thank you for your lousy support, Epson, inks from you, never more!
    Buy it NOW if your printer is a CX7300 (or others compatible).
  • Simply perfect

    posted by saian

    Clean! Ever more than my antique CISS. I have my bootles of ink to refill the cartridges, and now, I refill them each time i need it. The cartridges are individual and you can use it in more than one machine.
    My best buy in DX in months.
    My old CISS use the same cartridges, but they were fixed and, i can´t use it with my new printer, because i cant´separate them to change the order. Whit this cartridges all works fine. ;)
  • Very low cost replacement Epson ink cartridge

    posted by nightshade

    I have use these refillable ink cartridge for my Epson Color RX630. and it works the first time round without any issues. Thanks for carrying these cartridges as locally epson have stop selling this ink. These have built-in self reset-able chip and works perfectly
    Do please sell the epson refill inks as you do sell it in the past.
    Great replacement cartridge and at a great price.

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