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color changing magic Customers Reviews

  • Nice present

    posted by aztifiFY

    - Small, Perfect for womens- Really cute :)- Works nice- Pequeno, perfeito para mulheres- Muito bonito :)- Funciona legal
    - Cool gift for you girlfriend- If you are men, forget, unless you are very skinny that's not gonna fit in you- Otimo presente para sua namorada- Se você é homem esquece a menos que tu seja mto magro isso nao vai servir em vocÊ
    - Very cheap and cool, i recommend- Muito barato e legal, recomendo
  • Perfect for gift giving.

    posted by HOoLeR

    The product quality is good and it came well packaged.With the postal service we have here in Brazil, where employees do not have the least respect for their products, I was afraid that the mug would come here with problems, which did not happen.
    This is a great product for you have saved and give gift for any friend or family member.Because it is something that is still a bit unusual, normally the recipient always wears.I gave these a mug for a friend and she loved it and are always using.
    You can buy without fear, you will surely find someone to presencing with this mug.
  • Work and look nice, as well as educational

    posted by andreaatuni

    Good for teaching the concept of temperature and phosphorescence. The band changes color with temperature and the stars and moons glow in the dark.Look up phosphorescence and Thermochromism on Wikipedia to learn more.
    There are a few in the pack so one will fit and the rest make neat little presents.
    Interesting gadgets. Good for gifts and as educational toys. I've had them around the house for a few weeks now and they are still fun for my family and I to pickup and play with.
  • It's a kind of magic

    posted by smfsmf

    It is a simple magic set that will bring a lot of fun in your audience, especially if that audience are little kids.
    It is easy to do that trick but you need some practice first in order to manage to fool your audience. The instructions are good with drawings of every stage that this trick needs to accomplish.
    If you never tried any magic trick maybe now is time with that simple trick. Who knows, maybe you discover a new Copperfield inside you.
    A nice trick with a very low price that will make the children happy and happy children are everything...

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