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  • Quite good product

    posted by ataturk2

    - Reduces strain on the wrists
    - Allows deeper pushups for fly muscles
    - Handles are much bigger than on picture. I was surpried . Just for your information, they are about 20cm long and handles are bout 12 cm above ground.
    I recommend the purcashe. I would buy it again, despite the cons.
  • great

    posted by gapp9860

    -easy to install
    -plastic material but looks good
    -advantageous to be adapted to shifter type grip
    - the rubber doesnt hurt your hand
    -delivers what it promises
    -the cyclist does not need to wear gloves
    - nice price
    maybe you delay to accustom, because the handle bar grips looks like has a larger diameter
    a hammer may be necessary at the time and place the rubber
    installed so that the product came
  • good and cheap

    posted by sizovmn

    Fun and cheap "jewelry" good for christmas table. Children love this stuff.
    It's nice stuff but maked from very cheap plastic and can easily damaged on delivery - one i bought come to me damaged - but i can repair it in 30 seconds - just fix contacts in electronic part.
    Just buy it! It's REALY fun for holidays / birthdays etc. It's like candles - it disposable but bring a lot of fun! i post some videos - it's do amazing effect!
  • Fine

    posted by Criggie

    Works fine - I bought three and got red, yellow and blue. One pair got used on the kid's scooter and that was perfect. Scooter has elastic through the handlebar so you don't lose the ends when its collapsed down. The end-caps even have a small hole for the elastic to go through and get knotted.
    The finger indents aren't really lined up with anything.I wish I'd got a green one for my bike though.
    Cheap, good enough. If your bike is worth thousands, probably not for you. Mine's a $100 junker and will do nicely.

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