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  • Crazy jumping ball!!

    posted by ferdi_morais

    This ball is freaking insane!!! The ball has a mechanism which is supported by a single axle inside the box, where there is a rotor, a speaker and the case for the batteries. When you turn it on, the ball starts glowing with three leds, and the internal device starts spinning, making the ball move randomly, and playing a funny music. My baby gets fascinated by this.
    The toy is very nice for kids to play, but babies and toddlers must be watched while doing it.
    I would buy it again.
  • Great value

    posted by raulbribeiro

    it really DOES help on air flow and circulation beneath your laptop. there's a sensible difference on the temperature, when there's a minimum flow of air around you. It also provides a much more comfortable angle to type.
    not much to add. the adhesive binding the velcro could be a little better, as previously mentioned.
    it's a great product. really helps on air flow, and makes your use more comfortable. but avoid taking it out too often.
  • not perfect but good enough

    posted by damaguz

    While is not the best controller in the market, this one is a solid joystick to build a arcade controller, mid-range price for a arcade Joystick (there is another from DX cheaper than this one, but is not that expensive as a sanwa.-)
    ok, i do not own the SKU 37485 (yet) but i do have SKU 26910 which its joystick is exacly the same (al least in pictures) to SKU 37485, so let me tell you this stick is better than the one SKU 26910 have, it migh not be as good as sanwa but the price is fair enough to get it.-
    if sanwa and seimitsu are gold
    happ competition is silver
    this one is a very solid bronze
    but this are just my preferences.-
  • Good

    posted by Lesliehew

    They're balls. Balls that help keep your laptop cooled. You could pretty much do this with any household item buy these are just a couple of dollars and work fine for what they're worth. A good alternative to laptop fans as this keeps the laptop air cooled
    Good for value and simple. Easy to keep and save space rather than need to carry the big cooler fans.
    Not much to say. Are two halves of a ball that supports a notebook to dissipate heat. Simple as that. And it works well. I just think there could be more colors. A black, brown, ivory or red, blue, pink to help match the furniture or the color of the client's notebook is well. And without glitter
  • Like it

    posted by trazomfreak

    - Good size. (Not like all those thin ones out there.)
    - Works as it should.
    - Has a pen clip so that you can place it in your shirt pocket just like an ink pen.
    - Feels solid. (Not flimsy.)
    - Glad it comes in this size. It feels like solid plastic in your hand and feels much better than all those very thin ones out there. Those thin ones give me hand strain.
    - I use this for my smart touch-phone. (Rumor Touch)
    You can't go wrong with the price and worth it if you get lots of use out of it.

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