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  • Waterproof USB Silicone Keyboard

    posted by vherem

    Works well. The keys are pretty responsive. N need to press them hard at all. Using it with my phone and usb otg adapter. Very convenient for ssh because I can use all the special keys combos. I can roll it into a ball squeese it and keep it in my coat pocket all the time.. SO far it works just fine.
    Detachable cable or some convenient way to store it would have been nice.
    At this price - I doubt you I can find anything better.
  • Nice and cheap

    posted by martinengervik

    CheapPlastic and therefor lasting. Very few got broken after using the same peg for a while. You are more likely to loose them then brake them.Grabs hold of the ball well.
    Got mine in pink but I tell everyone its for Bubba Watson :D Think I would have picked a different color if I had the chance.
    Cheap but good pegs that does the work. Nothing different from these and more expensive ones you buy in the proshops.
  • Solid!

    posted by mondrongo

    It is really solid, or at least looks like. It is big, the chain is long and well finished. The chain has a plastic made conduit which is really nice to avoid any kind of friction between the chain the objects that you are going to lock.Excelent cost benefit, I could never buy a similar item for this price over here.
    I thought it was smaller, I thought I could use it to lock my luggage, but it is way bigger than I thought.
    Set 000 (default code) and push the chromed locker then it gets opened. At the first time I did not get how to open it :D
  • useful and very good...!

    posted by NoamPaz

    really good product
    works perfectly
    i use it alot because beer and ciggarte are great together
    opens beer easily
    not too small and not too big - fits perfectly in my pocket and really good .
    also a very pretty lighter.
    it is a great product that worth buying, im sure everyone that will buy it will enjoy it, i did =]
    in conclusion it is a great purche, not exensive, and works great. two things in one lighter. buy it you wont regret
  • Great product!

    posted by silvinaserafini

    This is a great device ! i broke my laptop's audio jack output a while ago and with this little usb thing i can now play my music as i've allways wanted ! it is plug & play so there's no instalation required, and it worked pretty well with my windows xp
    I tested this along with a Maya USB sound adapter, and there was no difference, sound quality is really good. You must buy this product and its so cheap ! Bought from Argentina.

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