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You will be surprised our best code scanner with an artful design and an amazing price. At DX we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers, with a prompt and helpful response. We hope that you have a fulfilling shopping expreience, on China's leading e-commerce retailer website.

code scanner Customers Reviews

  • OBD Reader

    posted by pasuli

    Very good product for that price. It's very useful, because you don't have to go to expensive car dealer to read the fault codes, because you can do it yourself with few clicks on your computer or few tabs on your smartphone. Software has a lot of functions and is very easy to use.
    If you understand the usefulness of the product, don't hesitate to buy it. It is really worth it.
    Easy to use faultcode reader and comes with software at least for Android. Has better version of program than Google Play store.
  • cheapest OBD2 I could find

    posted by tbone

    This was the cheapest OBD2 I could find that looked like it might have some nice features. Easy to clear CEL codes by erasing them.
    It will read the code and tell you a generic description if possible. To find what this means for your vehicle specifically, you need to google the code it produces. Sometimes it will detect a code and only show N/A
    I bought it when it was $35, now its $22, so you can't find anything cheaper at a car shop or hardware store here in North America
  • Easy but complete scanner

    posted by Rakkachi

    Complete set : it came with a carry bag, cables and a manual. The Can bus cable is easy to attach to the scanner and the car. It supports multiple languages within the scanner itself so no firmware flashing needed. Menus are set up easy and understandable resetting a check enige light can be done fairly quick. Reading a fail code is just a small step further
    Could the 9V battery be for saving settings ?
    Easy to use cheap scanner, the same scanner cost around 130 dollar here in the Netherlands
  • Great Money saver

    posted by paulnzakl

    Worked out of the box on both my Audi and my wifes beetle. Reset my MIL light which was due to a "Faulty" O2 sensor. Mechanic quoted over $400 to replace. Guess what? hasn't come back on saved me $400 less $30
    If you own a VW or Audi you need this in your toolbox
    Save yourself money get one so you're not at the mercy of the car dealer
  • MaxiScan MS609 brief review

    posted by recaras

    MaxiScan works as it is supposed to work. Easy to connect, easy to understand menu. I like the material. The screen is big enough too. Buttons work quite smooth, and there no need to use forse to push them. Reader reads engine codes and ABS codes as it is supposed to do. Erases those codes, too.
    I like the product.
    I suggest to buy this item. overall I feel satisfied to have it.

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