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It's very convenient for you to find the cob led you want at our online shop. At DX we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers, with a prompt and helpful response. Browse led lights cob or cob led 9w to find what you are looking for. Your support is our greatest motivation.
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cob led Customers Reviews

  • Very Bright LED

    posted by csei

    The LED strip was brighter than I expected it to be. Gives a nice warm colour. Easy to solder to pads and has pads each end so was able to connect multiple units easily.
    I do wonder how long these will last without heat sinks as the heat cant be good for the LEDs.
    If you wont them buy them, good value.
  • Amazing

    posted by NitNesiv

    Structure very sturdy, does not break because it is not made ??of glass, perfect fit and no matter the polarity, it even works on alternating current. The best compared to the bulb is that it does not heat up and have the same luminosity and with a very low consumption.
    The price paid was too low and the light is very good and emits a light temperature (color) enjoyable.
    Recommend buying. I consider it a great investment in the economy including the electric bill.
  • Best led spot I have tried

    posted by sakarit

    Best led bulb for GU10 that I have tried this far. Color or the light is very nice and the spot is good and focused. It does not generate a lot of heat like regular halogens. The led is very bright and it equates 50W halogen bulb.
    No other thoughts.
    Although the price is high it is worth it. I hope though that the price gets lower so I can order more. :)
  • Good product, bad shipping

    posted by Fbsoft

    The light is ok, not the yellow you would'be expect, not that warm white, but strong white, to blueish light.
    The thought above describe exactly what i think of it.
    Good product overall and more than decent bright light, can't watch directly at it. But the cold white is present here as it is present in all the Cobs. The warm white is gone, it's a lost hope!
  • Nice

    posted by javjue

    This led is a really powerfull light source. Well balanced, noflickering, no strange greenish color. It works very well to me.
    Hadle with care, it is NOT a toy led. It is a really powerful led that gets hot and needs to be handled carefully.
    It's really useful for me. I have changed a 300W R7s lamp with 2 units of this led (2x20W) and now I get more light ... When I recover the dimming capability it would get great!!

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