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coaxial cable Customers Reviews

  • Works great

    posted by CrossFireX

    Works as it should. It feels like a quality material. The housing is not plastic. It's simple to mount the connectors to the cable, just push it in and it stays there. Much better then the system we have in Sweden, here you screw it on = bad. No interference what so ever.
    Bought a few of these because i'm re-drawing all of my TV connections all round the house.
    Buy if you need a good splitter! It works as it should do...
  • Works like a charm!

    posted by JulioCASilva

    This is the thing that does the job it is planned to do and save your time(and day).Very easy to use and and make you work with a professional look and a professional result. Its material is of a nice quality, I think it will last a lot of time.
    If you work with rg6/rg59 cables and need to crimp their connectors, this is the right tool.
    I regret for not buying it before.
  • WOrks Great

    posted by etapiach

    It is very well design, good material, and it works as it should.
    And you have 4 ports to connect, very usefull.
    I had a TAB in my house and it was making the pictures in one of my TV set go wrong. With this TAB the pictures look great, no more problems.
    It is very well design, good material, and it works as it should.
    And you have 4 ports to connect, very usefull.
    For the price you should buy it. Good buy.
  • Handy tool for the network professional

    posted by Guyfromhe

    If you deal with cat-5 alot this tool is for you.It will show you the length of your wire runs, crossed cables, which side breaks are on and it even plays a tone on the remote end to tell you that your on the right cable.
    Tbe same device is avalible elsewhere for over $170
    Great tool for the price. It does it's job. It detected where a cable was broken and which pair and showed crossed wires and which.Works well.
  • Works perfectly

    posted by DanielBenSasson

    Works great with DVB-T, got a good signal as long as the antenna is not behind the TV itself.Good magnet, sticks firmly to steel surface.Very good price.Connector is firm.
    For some odd reason it was hard to find a DVB-T antenna in local shops.I used an antenna cable with the end exposed from the shielding for some time, but it just didn't look good.This antenna looks much better, works just as well, kept in place by the magnet at the bottom and was cheap.
    So overall I'm very pleased with it.

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