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  • Thermometer comparisons

    posted by Poppyseed

    Large LED display. Very fast response to temperature changes. The response time is in the seconds range. Only used 1 button battery. Can also display the time on top of the temperature. The temperature readings are quite accurate when compared to a glass type thermometer. Please see the posted images for more information.
    Be the wire by 1-2 ft. longer for outdoor measurements. When used on the car for outdoor measurements, it has to be placed near the side windows due to the short wire.
    As far as temperature is concerned, it gives accurate readings.
  • Great weather station

    posted by Pastoreli

    The quality is very good.The amount of information is great, but soon get used to it.I liked the precision and speed of response.The center quickly recognizes the signal from external sensor and the range is very good.Use of battery: 2 x 2 x AA and AAA.
    Even with the cons I found, I am very satisfied and is a great buy.
  • Pretty cool

    posted by JimJunkie

    Easy to useGreat functionality - min/max, multiple external sensor supportInformation clearly visibleIntuitive to useDoesn't look or feel to 'cheap'
    Haven't had a full run through the batteries yet, so I can't attest to how often the above reset procedure will need to be performed. The green backlight is fine, I actually prefer it to blue as it's less harsh, and the screen is perfectly readible with it. So far the temperatures seem accurate, and the weather prediction from barometric pressure seems accurate.
    Compared to what you'd pay for one of these in a store, this is a bargain.Reads the weather, hooks up with the sensor without issue, and looks fine. I haven't benchmarked it against anything else yet, but from the weather reports and by feel, it seems pretty accurate.
  • Good clock

    posted by mattyy

    - Let me start out by saying that it is very well made. It arrived in a box with foam inserts this kept it very safe and secure in transit.- The clock face and body are fairly strong. The front clear panel seems to be a plastic, it's NOT thin and brittle like you may think. The sides are from what I can tell metal painted black. The rear of it where the buttons, hanging point and power plug is seems to be a thick strong black plastic.- The instructions are in Chinese but I'm telling you, you don't need them. It's very easy to use, fiddle with the buttons for a little while and you will figure it out.
    It is very, very bright! If this is going into your bedroom I would suggest making a cover to go over the face of it at night.
    Very well built, nice design and good quality materials used.
  • Dinky little clock

    posted by IQElect

    Looks are fairly attractive and the 'settings' buttons are discretely hidden behind the clock. Simple mechanism on the top to activate the talking functions of the clock (albeit not in English)
    Packaging was a little light in the padding department inside the box, but the item was undamaged so all was well I guess.
    A functional, portable clock that is a little out of the ordinary. Ideal as a gift to a child or someone who wants a clock that is unique.

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