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  • RTC for Raspberry Pi

    posted by Andrevs

    Simple to add a RTC to a Raspberry Pi.To load the driver, run as root:echo pcf8563 0x51 > /sys/class/i2c-adapter/i2c-0/new_device and then you can use hwclock as usual, so you can use hwclock -s to set the system timePlease note: on a model B revision 2, I suppose it would be i2c-1 in stead of i2c-0. As I only have a revision 1 Pi, I have not tested this.
    It comes with a jumper to select the power source for the chip, either the battery or vcc. By default it is jumpered to vcc. This makes no sense as then the battery has no use. Besides I want this device to keep the time when the Raspberry Pi is powered off, to allow off line usage of the Raspberry Pi and still know the time.Please note: on first use it says low power. The battery ain't empty, it's just because no time has ever been set. Set the time (hwclock -w) and then everything will work fine.
    An RTC for a Raspberry Pi, and other embedded boards. Keep your time, also offline!
  • Good piece

    posted by SSlit

    Easy to plug-in into breadboard. Nice piece of hardware. There are different datasheets to understand how to talk to DS1302.http://www.chipfind.ru/datasheet/pdf/dallas/ds1302.pdfI have driven mine via PIC12f675. Always accurate time and calendar for your project.
    It is not SPI driven, it is not I2C. At least I wrote my own serial driver. Few lines of code really. Most often used commands. WRITE/READ in hex ' SECONDS 0x80 / 0x81' MINUTES 0x82 / 0x83' HOURS 0x84 /0x85' DATE 0x86 / 0x 87' MONTH 0x88 / 0x 89' DAY 0x8A / 0 x 8B' YEAR 0x8C / 0x8D
  • Cheap RTC/EEPROM combo

    posted by arcomri

    - small size, breadboard friendly- battery-backed RTC- pullups on SDA, SCL and SQW lines- PCB contains pads for 2032 battery holder on the bottom side- reasonable build quality (no misaligned parts)
    Unpopulated transistor can be used for open-drain SQW output, if needed.
    Nice little module for hobby projects.
  • Very good Time/Date/Data keeping IC

    posted by bfridman

    Has Back-Up battery which lets you disconnect the device from power supply without time loosing.Also it can recharge battery (By default the battery-recharging-function is neutralized and can be activated by special command).In addition DS1302 has RAM memory for any data so you do not need special Flash Memory to remember the settings in case of power loss.
    The recharging-battery-function is by default neutralized to prevent damaging non rechargeable batteries. To activate this function you must give special command, but if you want do it, you must choose right kind of rechargeable battery according to datasheet.Also provide the good contacts while connect the IC to circuit/controller to ensure the correct data reading.
    Datasheet can be downloaded from:http://datasheets.maximintegrated.com/en/ds/DS1302.pdfThe library can be downloaded from:http://www.henningkarlsen.com/electronics/library.php?id=5
  • RTC module, what's more to say?

    posted by pcmihnea

    At $3.50 you get a module consisting of a DS1307 RTC IC, a 24C32AN EEPROM chip for extended usage, plus a LIR2032 Lithium-Ion 3.6V battery. The module came with the battery pre-installed (at almost full capacity, considering that it's autonomy is several years), I assume due to it being preset on a certain time, but I disconnected it to solder the pins, so I don't know for sure. It has a place to solder a DS1820 1-wire thermometer (that has a separate pin to control it, not being I2C compliant). It has an "BAT" pin to connect it to your ADC pin in order to measure battery voltage.
    I really don't get the connection between an RTC and a thermometer; maybe for a rudimentary weather station?
    Useful for projects which require a RTC.


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