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  • Nice looking bedside clock

    posted by Lexxegorov

    Nice look. The build quality is rather good. Thermometer seems to provide relevant temperature. The message board can be removed.The clock can be powered not only with 3 AAA batteries but with 5V DC input as well. If powered with DC input the backlight is on all the time.
    I bought the clock to put it away from the bed but I wanted still to be able to read the time. I was dissapointed that the clock is not on all the time whilt on batteries. I managed to assemble 5V DC input with USB charger and USB cable with DC connector that have left from external battery. When I tried it at night it turned out, that the message board shines too bright and it is not comfortable to keep it on in the bedroom. I removed the message board but this didn't solve the problem. Finally I stuffed the message board slot with some paper and only then I got the clock working as I desired.
    The clock is best suitable as a bedside alarm clock, so the one could easily reach it and switch it on. If the clock is put away it is not readable or shines too bright if powered via DC input.

    posted by DoniSacramento

    Looks great ewhatever the place in the house. Small and cute. Looks just like the real one though smaller. Both USB and AC charging ways are great for travelers.
    Great gift everyyone would like to receive. I am sure most people will agree that there should also be some electronic way to enter owner's name so to display in the director field.
    Highly recommended to all ages.
  • Works great

    posted by dknaack

    Nice collection of basic devices in one board, well made, open-source design, good documentation, Arduino library and example programs.
    This board is based on the SeeedStudios TickTockClock shield design, and works with the SeeedStudios Arduino library. You can also use the library that is linked from the Chinese maker's website. The URL is printed on the back of the clock board. Be sure to check out their other boards, most of which are available here on DX, I have some of their other boards, and they are all of similarly high quality.
    High quality product, great price.
  • Works as advertised

    posted by czernitko

    Works as expected. Easy installation on Raspberry Pi, easy setup on Gentoo. The perfect thing is that this works at 3.3V level, so you don't need anything else. Just plug this into the board and you're good to go.
    Battery lifetime is the only thing that could couse some trouble, otherwise this chip works as expected.
    Definitely worth the money.Pinout documentation: http://elinux.org/RPi_Low-level_peripheralsAs for gentoo, you'll need i2c-dev and rtc-ds1307 modules loaded into your kernel. Then you can use hwclock as usual.
  • Best Clock

    posted by dorayme

    1. This is one of my best buy from DX. It feels and look more expensive than the price i paid.
    2. i particularly like the 1/10 sec digital movement, makes the clock 'alive' 24/7 anytime.
    3. The face of the clock is glossy, beautifully crafted.
    4. The clapper stick works too just the real one.
    5. Another plus point is that the design allows you to have the option of placing it on the desktop or wall mounted.
    If it's solar powered would be great.
    It'll look even better without the power cable.
    Or how about batteries operated?
    i first saw something similar to this clock in a friend's office. It stands out uniquely and is a conversational piece. When i saw it in DX, with the attractive price, i ordered it without any hesitation. Now it's sitting nicely in my office and colleagues are admiring it from time to time. By the way, i've purchased 4 more pieces since then. My genuine thought for this product is one full of satisfactory. If you need an attractive clock, buy it. It's also a great gift for your loved ones. Very good product.

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