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  • RTC for Raspberry Pi

    posted by Andrevs

    Simple to add a RTC to a Raspberry Pi.To load the driver, run as root:echo pcf8563 0x51 > /sys/class/i2c-adapter/i2c-0/new_device and then you can use hwclock as usual, so you can use hwclock -s to set the system timePlease note: on a model B revision 2, I suppose it would be i2c-1 in stead of i2c-0. As I only have a revision 1 Pi, I have not tested this.
    It comes with a jumper to select the power source for the chip, either the battery or vcc. By default it is jumpered to vcc. This makes no sense as then the battery has no use. Besides I want this device to keep the time when the Raspberry Pi is powered off, to allow off line usage of the Raspberry Pi and still know the time.Please note: on first use it says low power. The battery ain't empty, it's just because no time has ever been set. Set the time (hwclock -w) and then everything will work fine.
    An RTC for a Raspberry Pi, and other embedded boards. Keep your time, also offline!

    posted by DoniSacramento

    Looks great ewhatever the place in the house. Small and cute. Looks just like the real one though smaller. Both USB and AC charging ways are great for travelers.
    Great gift everyyone would like to receive. I am sure most people will agree that there should also be some electronic way to enter owner's name so to display in the director field.
    Highly recommended to all ages.
  • Great display

    posted by Parrot

    Looks like the real thing and has a nice springy Clack action on clapper. This was purchase late in 2008 for Christmas and has been running all year without a problem.
    As with the previous person our clock arrived with a damaged corner and had to be replaced. I was concerned how this would go but the people at Deals were wonderful. I was very impressed with their efforts to get a replacement out to me as it was a gift for my daughter.
    A great clock for a media arts student. A good item to talk about.
  • Shinning Alarm clock

    posted by lobo26

    Is very shinning and good item.
    The buttons on the clock are from left to right. 1.Mode Button. This button will be used to cycle the clocks functions. [1. Time 2. Temperature 3. Year. 4. Month (The M looks like an H) 5. Day (D) 6.Alarm 1 7. Alarm 2 8. Alarm 3 9. Birthday celebration 10. Countdown Clock/Stopwatch.] 2. Set Button. This button will be used to set all times and date functions in combination with the up and down buttons. When you want to change a time or date, Hold down the Set Button for about three seconds and do the adjustments with the up and down buttons. 3/4. Up and Down Buttons. These buttons will be used to change the dates and times. This will be done by clicking on the desired up/down function of the change you want to make for the function. The Slide control is used for turning the time display "backlight" function off /on.
    I hope this information help you with operation of your HighStar Clock.
  • best of arduino

    posted by HUGUENOTTE

    // This code tests the DS1307 Real Time clock on the Arduino board.// The ds1307 works in binary coded decimal or BCD. You can look up// bcd in google if you aren't familior with it. There can output// a square wave, but I don't expose that in this code. See the// ds1307 for it's full capabilities.// DS1307 I2C RTC DS1307 24C32 Real Time Clock Module for Arduino (Works with Official Arduino Boards)
    photo :http://tonyhuguenotte.free.fr/DS1307.jpghttp://www.emartee.com/product/42059/Tiny%%2020RTC%%2020DS1307%%2020Shield%%2020V2.0
    bon produit je n'ai pas encore tester le 24c32 pour bientôt


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