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  • Not what I expected

    posted by SilverShadowPT

    Its strong all right, bigger whan what I expected in size. Works perfectly with a few euro bills, (not more than 4 or 5)
    Maybe the clip will get loose after a few months of use, making it less pron to rip bills apart.
    Well, if you only cary a couple bills in your pocket, this does work, but if you just have a couple of them, you dont even need this, so its kinda pointless...
  • Nice little healthe gadget

    posted by paulenmarielle

    Nice and easy to use pulse / oxygen meter. Looks more rugged than expected, so it seems to be of a nice quality. Just turn it on, put it on your finger and see your pulse and oxygen levels. You can easely see if the meter is put correct on your finger via the graph of your hartbeat.Nice display colours, very good readble.
    Want to take it to my doktor to compare results with professional measurements.
    Recommandable object. I can reccomand it to anyone.
  • Good product

    posted by Jeroendejong

    Two LEDs are clearly better than one, on this keychain unit . The red laser will print a visible dot on a white target 1/2 mile away, it's notably stronger than you'd expect . Unit and carabiner seem substantially built
    Its an excelent product, really good quality. It feels a little heavy, as you suppose it will be, doesnt feel cheap al all.
    If you are still thinking about, buy it.
  • Very bright, solid, a bit too bulky

    posted by Vorobjaninoff

    I use the light on the night urban games ("Encounter"), which involves a lot of running and climbing and no possibility to recharge the batteries for the whole night. So what I need is a compact, bright, solid, long-lasting light source. That is just to help you understand my rating criteria.+ Price. It is certainly worth its price. Comparing to other DX lights I have, the price/quality ratio is really good.+ Brightness. The low mode is brighter than the bright mode of my WF502b. The bright mode is comparable with the car headlight. The spot is very narrow, so it suits best as a spotlight - in the field you can easily light up objects 200-300 meters away. + Build quality. Very good, all parts are solid, nothing dangles. Heatsink and reflector are well designed. Comparing to the other DX lights I have, this one is of much better quality.+ Battery life. My feeling is that it works 1-2 hours on the high mode and much more on mid and low. It is a good result.
    You can use it with one 18650 battery. To do so, you have to remove one segment, which makes it look quite funny =)
    Very well designed, good quality, high-end brightness devise. Serious light, nice to show it to your friends. Safe to walk with it at night. Bulky.+ If you are gadget fan, like I am, you MUST HAVE this light - it is really special.- But. If you want a reasonably bright (this light is far more bright than reasonable) compact light, do NOT choose this light.
  • Nice gift :)

    posted by xak0root

    -- it's cheap-- it's nice-looking-- it's durable-- it's a kind of gift for both of you :)-- it's a very good and reliable gift
    -- as said before, very nice gift for the price provided,-- use it for everything you want
    -- I recommend it, buy it if it fits you :) -- The price is very low anywayWhat should be written more here, I don't really understand... It's clearer than the day itself what does this product represent here


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