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clip test cable Customers Reviews

  • Very useful

    posted by Dehumanizer666

    It's very useful if you don't have more than 2 hands and need to hold something and test it at the same time or if you don't have someone other at hand to help you :-)
    I've always wanted clips for my multimeter but never seen it before and on the other hand I was too lazy to make it myself, so this SKU was exactly what I needed :-)
    Definitelly buy it if you need it. Not much more to say...
  • Good priced product for prototyping.

    posted by Yodrukknop

    Very easy-to-use product when you are 'prototyping' electrical circuits with DC Power plugs.I used it in combination with 2.1 Diameter DC Jacks. the alligator clips works perfect. they have a perfectly sized clips.
    Good price for product, i bought 4 at a time using it for 'pre assemble' circuits before i have to solder anything.
    product with good price-quality ratio
  • works well, after fixing.

    posted by Bonejj

    nice size wire, probably 20-22 gauge, well insulated. great length for being able to put the unit and power supply where every you want them to be at.
    I got these to use with my LED controllers, it seems to be the standard connector for most of those types of devices.
    works but could be better for the price charged. Seems like they should only cost 2 bucks.
  • good product at a good price

    posted by davidecocchi

    good leads. are of good quality, and the wire is firmly fixed to the terminal, even if they are not welded, but simply tightened.
    I use them basically to charge gel batteries, and they do their job perfectly. are less suitable for making precise measurements of the electric current, for the problem of high electrical resistance.
    I'll buy more for sure.
  • Must-have for any RC addict

    posted by zipotarri

    It's so simple. Just two cables wired with 4mm banana plugs on one side and alligator clips on the other.Every parts colored: black for the negative, and red for the positive. (just as orientation, you can use as you want...)
    If you want to fix the loose fit of the banana plugs, just put a flat screewdriver in the thin cuts of the lead and stretch it a bit. That way the diameter of the banana will be a little bigger so it will hold in place better.
    If you dont have alligator clips for your multimeter or battery charger, this could be a nice option.

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