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  • A fun novelty

    posted by sparkly1982

    - Easy to use- Actually protects wet nail varnish well, but not how you might think- Comfortable- Suitable for everyone
    I bought these as a novelty present for a friend who often wears nail varnish and complains of how easily it becomes chipped while drying. They worked a charm, but they stopped my friend from doing anything useful while their nails were drying. More of a fun novelty than anything.Also, not much use if you have very long acrylic nails on.
    Nice novelty for the price.
  • It works!

    posted by emmanuel.pira

    I just test it (v129, I failed to install shipped v131 version) on 3 different Renault cars, from 2001 till 2008 (including a "not so common" Renault/Matra one), and it works perfectly ! A little bit anxious when car started to light on without any keys nor cards in, but shows that it works !
    Do not hesitate to watch "how to use it" videos, using your preferred video platform. Depending of your car, you will have a different software look&feel, don't be surprise.
  • Just what I was looking for

    posted by Nr2

    I was looking for a nose clip and this one seemed the best option.- The nose clip attachs firmly yet the silicone feels soft enough for extended use.-The plastic is hard and appears to be durable. The shape allows you to rotate it and find the most comfortable position.- The ear plugs are big but very soft, and have a hole in the bottom for a strap- Everything comes in a nice carrying case
    Combine it with SKU 26836 so you can strap the nose clip to your swimming googles
    A highly recommended item for the enthusiast swimmer!
  • Great Buy!

    posted by RandyChorn

    These are great for the money. Nice texture to it and covers your hands from getting cut by your rail system. They do what they are intended to do. The hand stops have nice Larue trademarks on it and have nice texture.
    Has about 10 index clips in a bag, it has like an extra side holder for wires i am guessing and another 10 in a baggy that have like an extra end to it. Hard to explain, and its not actually 10 its just a estimate.
    Great buy if you want some nice rail covers or index clips for your rail system.
  • Works as advertised

    posted by ChuckNorriss88

    I am an amateur swimmer. I swim about twice a week. This product works as advertised. Earplug is comfortable and doesn't hinder with your swimming. It prevents water from entering your ear and will save you lots of time from and convienence of having to dry your ears.The nose piece is good. I usually don't use it enough but it does work.
    If I had known better I would have purchased this set here instead of retail. The quality is the same.
    Decent affordable. You go outside to buy these and it will cost you $5 - $10. Buy it with dx.com and it only costs you $2.25. No brainer here.

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