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  • It works!

    posted by emmanuel.pira

    I just test it (v129, I failed to install shipped v131 version) on 3 different Renault cars, from 2001 till 2008 (including a "not so common" Renault/Matra one), and it works perfectly ! A little bit anxious when car started to light on without any keys nor cards in, but shows that it works !
    Do not hesitate to watch "how to use it" videos, using your preferred video platform. Depending of your car, you will have a different software look&feel, don't be surprise.
  • Works as advertised

    posted by ChuckNorriss88

    I am an amateur swimmer. I swim about twice a week. This product works as advertised. Earplug is comfortable and doesn't hinder with your swimming. It prevents water from entering your ear and will save you lots of time from and convienence of having to dry your ears.The nose piece is good. I usually don't use it enough but it does work.
    If I had known better I would have purchased this set here instead of retail. The quality is the same.
    Decent affordable. You go outside to buy these and it will cost you $5 - $10. Buy it with dx.com and it only costs you $2.25. No brainer here.
  • Pretty nice product

    posted by ericovk

    - Easy to use- Comes with a usefull little bag, nice to have when you carry it with you and don't want to make the lens dirty- Works very nice with iPhone 4 and 5- The clip is strong enough so you can even run with your phone while filming- fisheye is always cool
    It's worth the money. A nice set that you can also use on future phones.
    Buy if you are in doubt. It's a nice product to impress friends. Buy the black version if you don't want the red bevel.
  • Silicone Swimming

    posted by kymcomk

    I bought this product along with a swimming glasses (SKU: 81128) and found the material of excellent quality and finish, and a good sale price.
    These items come in a box of transparent acrylic which has a place for each piece.
    I recommend this product because the earplugs are made in silicomne easy to wash, it prevents the proliferation of bacteria that can cause ill health.
  • Nice gift :)

    posted by xak0root

    -- it's cheap-- it's nice-looking-- it's durable-- it's a kind of gift for both of you :)-- it's a very good and reliable gift
    -- as said before, very nice gift for the price provided,-- use it for everything you want
    -- I recommend it, buy it if it fits you :) -- The price is very low anywayWhat should be written more here, I don't really understand... It's clearer than the day itself what does this product represent here


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