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clip reading light

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clip reading light Customers Reviews

  • It is much better than expected

    posted by Hugomez

    -Very good design-Price-Small and very practical-Gives an excellent light, with only one LED gives perfectly for reading a book-When you connect the 4 led the room is all lit up-Spring has a very practical, so you can land on the table, like pushing the edge of the bed-Can you connect the transformer 4v
    -Could offer three AAA batteries;)
    -I am very satisfect with this lamp, simple, practical and powerful, I advise anyone who is in doubt to buy because you will not regret:)
  • Great book light!

    posted by thomashouseman

    One of the best book light's I've ever owned. Nice and bright. Made from Semi-grippy plastic/rubber so that it holds on place but won't tear pages of pulled from the book quickly.
    Fantastic book light. Highly recommended to everyone that want's a light bright enough to read by at night but not too bright as to wake up / keep your partner awake.
    Am buying more for my friends as simple gifts as this product is so good/handy.
  • Very Bright light!

    posted by rpinkovai

    Good light to read books, I use with my laptop too and is also a good option. The frost lens is goot because does not hurt the eyes.
    The clip/lens stays to near that the screen of the laptop and produce some reflections, but is ok no big deal.
    I also use mine with a AC 5V converter and is good to produce a soft light in a room or to read books in a sofa...
    If you are searching for a multi use light this is a good option. The 1W led is strong and the frosted lens iluminates the entire keyboard.
  • Good lamp for modest money.

    posted by Smaginf

    Good lamp for modest money. The perfect place for a light desktop when working on the computer or when reading books. Power is supplied from the USB connector. The size of the lamp was a little less than I expected, but it is not critical, light it gives enough even with its small size. Comes in a good factory packaging. The small size facilitates easy transportation, you can take with you on a trip.
    Good lamp for modest money. A great product. I recommend to buy. Power is supplied from the USB connector. The small size facilitates easy transportation, you can take with you on a trip.
    A great product. I recommend to buy.
  • Very nice reading lamp

    posted by AndreiCarp

    Has a very nice flexible neck and the clip provides a solid grip. I'm using it with a Kindle ebook reader that's mounted in slim cover. The light is bright enough even at the first setting (there are two light intensity settings) and the distribution on the screen is okay without any bright spots.Also, the clip has a soft pad on each side and it will not scratch your device or its cover.It is light and small, easy to pack when traveling . When attached to the ebook reader it does not give any feeling of added weight to make you readjust the way you hold your device.
    This is a great buy together with SKU751 (a pack of 20 CR2032 batteries).
    Other all this is a very nice reading light. I use it on my Kindle but I also tried it with a couple of books and I'm happy with it. The battery life is also OK for me. I still have the original batteries after 3 weeks of moderate usage (somewhere around 3 quarters of an hour per day).

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