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clip reading lamp Customers Reviews

  • lots of light for small price

    posted by JohanAnn

    - I only have to use 1 LED of the 4 . The light up the hole room.- nice grip to fasten on te book but also on something else - the arms go every direction en stay firm in that possition- the built quality feels nice- every LED can be lighted separately
    The quality is better then I exspected. I even plan to use it when I go for a halloween walk.
    More light then I exspected. The arms keeps there position very good. I might be a bit heavy if you read een small book. For a magazine it is not suitable. But you can always attach the light to something else then the book.
  • Just what I needed

    posted by Slice2buck

    I have been looking for one of these forever.*2 lights*2 LEDS on each light*2 settings on each light/ 1 led-2 led*Very bright*6 bucks!
    I have a Sony reader. It has no backlight. I have a 1 led just like this, but it always leaves a dark spot. This is perfect, you can adjust them out of the way of what you reading and it lights up the entire page. It is really bright. I only use it on the 1 LED setting on each light and that is definatly enough.
    For my purposes, this light is perfect. I paid $10 for one with just one light,great deal!
  • Great for lyrics reading

    posted by zoki008sb

    I'm using several of these in my band, attached to the music stand for reading lyrics. Very often it is dark when playing so this little thing is very useful. I mostly use only 1 LED as it is bright enough.
    Would be good to have some auto turn off function not to kill the batteries if stays on.
    Great for lyrics reading
  • Nice, but not for classic AAA batterries

    posted by mapleIII

    - batteries can be rechargable, so you don't have to "buy battery and then throw"- clip is comfortable for many places as notebook display, ebook reader or table- even the power is done by 3x AAA in a clip, the lamp is quite small, which is fine- 2 LEDs are fine to control the brightness level- batteries can be easily replaced
    Weaker light is probably thanks to lower voltage (about 3.6V), competitive products powered by e.g. 2x lion CR2032 (running on 3V) can have then 6V and the light is then a little bit better. But - this lamp has 2 LEDs and it is fine to control the brightness by switching off one of them - there is no need to light every time on full power.The big trouble is with the battery cover (or the size of the battery place), it cannot handle standard AAA batteries, they are too big for this lamp.
    If the build quality will be better, it could be a very nice lamp. Unfortunately, I didn't find any AAA battery which can be placed into and close the back cover then. With proper batteries I would recommend the lamp.
  • You have to have this!

    posted by Nit Fi

    Easy to understand battery inseertion and type of batteries used; two (as opposed to one) bulbs, so you can use only one if you wish to elongate battery/bulb life; flexible "neck" and minimalist design.
    I'm using it for a kindle device and so far, apart from the aforementioned cons, it has been serving me very well. I'd make the base smaller and maybe heavier.
    Very highly reccommended, handy little appliance.

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