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  • Excellent light for e-books!

    posted by Vadim048

    Nice color, comfortable belt clip, soft light without glare. Light weight and compact size. Clear the switch. The flexible stem allows you to place a tube into the incredible position for your convenience.
    Excellent idea, but the result may frustrate the buyer without the skills of small repairs.
    This is the best flashlight for e-books from all that I've seen. If you are not afraid the possibility of small repair, this flashlight will be a good addition to the e-book in the dark.
  • A very good inexpense night reading light.

    posted by SpaceFuzz

    Bright light. Battery supplying the LED light lasts a LONG time (I've had mine over a year, with occasional use, and still going strong). Flexible base allows you to bend/flex it to whatever position you prefer.
    I solved the harsh spotlight effect by simply taping a small rectangle of vellum (translucent paper) over the LED window. Works great now, with the vellum diffusing the light just enough to make good reading with no distracting spotlight.
    The clip-on lights look more professional and may hold onto your book better, but for general bed reading this light was perfect for me.
  • Nice and useful

    posted by eliashlo

    Now I can see my dog at the dark (when he runs with his friend).The light is strong, and every one can clearly see the dog from at least 150 meters.The batteries (2 x CR2016 "coin" batteries) are included.It have three modes - permanent, slow flashing and fast flashing (the fast flashing is very annoying and dazzling).
    You should order replacement batteries too...
    Must have products to every dog owner.
  • Very useful and a good present, not for tiny books

    posted by tonma

    - Gives out sufficient light - Comes with the batteries included, haven't tested how long they last but since it uses LEDs, it should last long.- Doesn't feel or looks cheap, the rubbery material is nice. It wouldn't be a bad present.
    It's great, now I can read in bed at night without bothering my wife and with much better lighting than with my nightstand lamp. You can use it on the go also as long as you avoid tiny books.
  • Surprisingly good light

    posted by smooney3

    Works great in a 2.5 gallon tank. It provides just enough light. I thought the touch sensor was gimmicky at first, but not having to fumble for a switch is actually very convenient. It takes up very little space and looks really nice.
    I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this light, especially for such a low price. If only it could remember it's last state when the power is turned off, it'd be perfect.
    It's a high quality light for a dirt cheap price. I wouldn't use it for anything larger than 5 gallons, though. Even that's pushing it. It's absolutely perfect for my 2.5 gallon tank.

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