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clip knife Customers Reviews

  • Simply useful

    posted by sianegad

    Sharp, well built. It feels solid and prety much indestructible (its all steel) Elegant design with torx screw so it can be taken apart for maintenance. It pretty small yet not too small, will fit nicely in pockets and the clip seem solid, its metal too.
    The release latch is sturdy, since it is part tongue spliting from the handle, no spring that can break or weaken
    One hand opening pin on the blade for right AND left hands
    Don't go bear hunting with this knife, its a nice size for everyday use without risking scaring the neighborhood
    Quite nice little pocket knife for a fair price. Not deal of the century, but i havent found an equivalent design
  • Very nice

    posted by Caligi

    Very sturdy, solid and large. Knife is a good length to be useful, and it has a hole at the bottom for your keyring which is a good design feature so your keys are not sliding all around the carabiner.
    The flashlight is very bright and swivels 90 degrees out from the handle.
    It's a good price and it's camoflaged. For the price it is worth it for the weekend survivalist or hunter, even for camping.
    It's a good quality product and worth getting.
  • Good looking

    posted by Shahandeh

    Good looking and firm nice, has a nice clipper and mini knife/bottle opener on the downside with a glass breaker which can be very handy in some situations.overall it looks good.
    I didnt know what the lower part knife was for, looks good though and handy but its really nice for that price and handy to have around you never know when you have to use it.
    Great and cheap looks good and nice touch on it, feels strong and good build. and as always nice and quik delivery from deal extreme as always
  • Great Knife for the price

    posted by Steiner1000

    Great to have knife like this at this price. It is very clean and will not leave a metal taste on your food. These knifes stays sharps for along time. good for cleaning small game and fish. I bought a few of these for my brother in laws and cousins for a hunting trip.
    I had one unit shipped to me minus one screw for the handle. This made one of the handle scales flop back and forth. DX replaced it free of charge and quickly.
    Wonderful knife for the price and a great gift but it does come in a white box.
  • one-line summary (title)

    posted by lynger

    The blade is hollow ground starting from the spine, on both sides, so it gets quite thin as it nears the edge. The edge itself is chisel ground at a high angle, meaning it is sharpened to a fine point by creating an angle on one side only. This edge style should be very easy to maintain, though it should dull quicker than a less aggressive edge angle would.
    The cutting performance of this knife is phenomenal. I didn't even sharpen the edge after taking it out of the box: the steep edge angle starts the cut easily, and the very very thin blade allows the rest of the knife to continue through it without effort.
    This knife cuts before you realize you've made contact. This is an edge that has to be experienced, it makes all other knives seem blunt and dull. It may be the best cutting experience you've ever had.
    bad ergonomics - the lock isn't easy to dis-engage, knife doesn't fit well in the hand, no textured surfaces to enhance grip when cutting.
    The finish coating is fantastic, very slick feeling.
    Poor manufactoring choices with substandard screws, a tarnished locking clip.
    Buy it for the experience, use it as a guide to learn what a real slicing blade can do.


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