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  • Yellow Alloy Carabiner Clip

    posted by FrenzyBuyer

    1) Item is simple and nice, looks manly
    2) Ideal for my badge pass
    3) My colleagues appreciated the looks highly
    4) Build quality is high
    Great office gift and item
    I can highly recommend you this item!
  • Handy little package

    posted by Termosiitti

    - Alti-/Barometer, Thermometer and a compass in a handy small package.- The Barometer is very accurate.- Very easy to use.- Easy to attach to your pack or belt.
    Build quality is very good for such inexpensive device. Barometer is very accurate. I've been comparing it to a wall mounted barometer and my Suunto Core, and the reading has always been correct. When/If used as an altimeter, you'll need altitude reference point (known altitude of cirrent location) or current atmospheric pressure (of your location) to calibrate correctly. You'll need to calibrate the device basically every day, as the weather changes. Use a map with elevation markings to do this if there's no signs etc. giving current altitude.
    Nice, inexpensive device to keep track of your altitude, weather and temperature changes on treks. You'll also have a back-up compass.NOT suitable for skydiving or serious mountaineering. I carry mine for treks and as a quick reference/back-up on mountains.
  • Well Made Compass

    posted by imboss

    I have to disagree with the other review who said the compass was almost useless,i bought 10 of these and all work as a compass shoul,d do,we use them in the astronomy club to find north and evryone is happy with them.
    Great price
    Great compass
  • Excellent product

    posted by ZIPPYT

    Excellent build quality made of metal construction and have had it in my bag clipped onto a hook. Comes in handy when you need a compass. Has a nice big clear compass face Can easily be attached to key chain or anything else. Compass direction is easy to find but takes a few moments. I could see this retailing in a store for like 5 British pounds so for 2 dollars its great.
    The direction of the compass is fine. For this price I doubt people would expect a super precise compass. In terms of getting a general direction is greati. Much better than sku.7971 its compass is so small its harder to get a reliable reading.
    Excellent quality full metal construction. For 2 dollars its an excellent item to have in your bag for when its needed. Would also make a nice gift as it looks and feels more than its worth.
  • nice product

    posted by nmrrock

    Nice little item. Good weight and finish. Catches the eye of most who see it. Carabiner is well made. Generally it feels like a more expensive item, and I believe any professional,(nurse, or such). That needs a watch that is on display will not be embarassed to wear this watch.
    Great resell item for markets or such. Don't know about the compass. It appears to work, and doesn't detract from the overall look of the watch.
    Buy with confidence, a nice solid piece that would be appreciated as a gift for anyone who needs such an item.AA+


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