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  • The bulb blows better than expected

    posted by DB116

    The kit has an easy-to-use air bulb, and air flow is better than expected.
    The air bulb may also be useful for blowing light dust out of a computer. My order was delivered from Hong Kong to Canada in about 3 weeks; that is good considering it is free shipping.
    Recommended for blowing dust off slides prior to scanning / digitizing. I have not needed to use the brush yet because my slides are fairly clean. The brush may be useful to get dust off a lens on a slide projector.
  • Great thing

    posted by Lexx111

    Quality is very high. Rubber is durable (I use it almost 2 years and it's looking like new). Long metal nozzle is very convenient. Very easy to use. Price is good too.
    Can be used in different areas, such as in cleaning DLSR cameras, electonic components, notebooks.I use it with my DSLR Canon 50D. Works perfectly and removes dust from mirror and other internal parts of camera.
    Recommended to everyone who have DSLR camera - helps you to increase quality of your pictures.
  • useful for more than just watches

    posted by mimura47

    i got this for use with my PC. a can of compressed air can cost up to $8 a can where i am, thats rather expensive.i can use this to clean out my keyboard, albeit it doesnt have the same air pressure as a compressed air can
    price could be little less, but for my purposes its better than spending double this items price for compressed air that will eventually run out
    it has more uses than what it was intened for, what other uses can you think of?
  • Great tools to use and east to assemble

    posted by metalerke666

    - easy to use, even a first time user will use this tool properly- easy to clean every part.- grip is long enough for almost every nano aquarium- very easy to assemble- cheaper then the commercial version which is about the same as this one.
    - maybe this set could be improved with a scissors to trim some plants
    In the end this is the must have tools to have with an aquascape aquarium or just a plain shrimp aquarium with plants or mosses.
  • Perfect for the price

    posted by gavinroyseal

    Everything is exactly what it needs to be. Cheap to buy, basic camera kit essentials. Great bang for the buck.
    Sure there are other higher ends tools (i.e. Lens Pen)...but nothing at this price. Never hurts to have an extra set in case of emergency, especially at this price!
    Exactly what it needs to be, at an even better price! If you're reading this review, just hit "Add to cart". Been using for over a month and no issues yet.

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