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  • Full set of cleaning kit

    posted by ahjo79

    A wOw set of cleaning kitPump is great!Brush should be made softerThe rest of the buds work fineCloth is of average quality, nothing to be fussy about
    Why not? Just buy, clean and protect your cameras.Better than others that I have come across.
    Quick order today!
  • Great filter set

    posted by Rik0331

    There are eight graduated color filters, three graduated Natural Density filters and three full colr Natural Density Filters. The 52, 55, 58, 62, 67, 72 and 77mm adapters rings are made of metal. These adapters rings fit on the most lenses. There are two lens hoods and two filter holders.
    I think the filters don't all have exactly the same dimensions. Some filters slide easily in the filter holder, some need a bit more effort.
    With this square filter kit, you don't have to buy filters for each different lens.
  • Great for cleaning all LCD surfaces

    posted by isusdfr

    This stuff cleans marks off screens like magic. I use it on my monitors at work, my monitors at home and on my plasma TV. It cleans much better than water and a cloth and does not leave streaks. You dont need to use much pressure either. It is very good at taknig off my kids dirty sticky finger prints from my plasma TV.
    To buy this stuff in the shops cost 4 or 5 times the amount you pay here. Well worth it. the cleaning cloth is also very good and well made.
    Does what it says it will do. Highly recommended to anyone who has LCD/plasma screens that need cleaning
  • Worth every cents!

    posted by paddytan

    The price is good, the quality is good and it's an extremely useful piece of tool to clean the bike! The materials are stiff, making it very handy to hold when cleaning and the brush is of good quality made too. Doesnt come across as cheap materials too.I have been looking at a more cost effective tool to clear the chain and this is it! Worth every cents!
    Learn how to use them effectively to get rid of all those dirts on your bike! Find out from those videos and images to know the best way of using both of them together.
    A useful tool!
  • Excellent purchase!

    posted by fabricioangioletti

    If you like to have your aquarium glasses clean and beautiful without putting your hands inside it, this is your tool to do it.The material of the sponge is hard, so you can remove all the dirty of the glass without put a lot of strength on it, but it's not that hard to scratch the glass.
    The rods could be longer, for sure.
    Nice purchase, highly recommended.

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