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  • Decent screen guards

    posted by Cedarus

    The bottom screen protector saved my lower screen from getting scratched due to a manufaturer defect on the stock stylus from my 3DS
    None that I can think of
    This is a decent product but for the price, I might buy it again just to save my 3DS from awful and ugly scratches on the touchscreen.
  • Perfect for the price

    posted by gavinroyseal

    Everything is exactly what it needs to be. Cheap to buy, basic camera kit essentials. Great bang for the buck.
    Sure there are other higher ends tools (i.e. Lens Pen)...but nothing at this price. Never hurts to have an extra set in case of emergency, especially at this price!
    Exactly what it needs to be, at an even better price! If you're reading this review, just hit "Add to cart". Been using for over a month and no issues yet.
  • Good, but some issues.

    posted by PrettyCrazy

    - Protects both the top and bottom screens- Holes cut out for the top inner-camera and speakers- Doesn't seem to effect screen or 3D effect quality- Cheap
    I'm not a master at applying these, but I've had some successful (perfectly centered, no bubbles) on other devices and handhelds that I've applied screen protectors on.First off, as you can see in the product pictures, the picture of the package has a different screen protector on the top screen then what is actually in the package. Applying the protector was also a nuisance, finding out that it doesn't cover the screen 100%, and then finding out again that the holes for the speakers don't align up properly with the cameras hole, so you'll have (assuming you're taking priority of the camera over the speakers) the protector slightly cover up one of the holes on each speaker side. The instructions included also show pictures and how to apply the protector that's on the front of the packaging, which isn't included (thankfully, since that one doesn't even cover the whole top screen).
    It's cheap, and it does what it's supposed to do. If you don't mind some minor issues, then it's a buy.
  • Glossy PCC Screen Guard / Protector w/ Cleaning Cloth for iPhone 4 /4S - Bl

    posted by vturba

    -it is of a good quality material, perfectly cutted into the phone dimension.-it is really hard to scratch, you can trust on it with your key.-comes with a fiber cloth for a good application.- really easy to put it on.
    Really easy to put l, just make sure you have no hair , dust and greese in your screen otherwise it will look awful.
    Really easy to put l, just make sure you have no hair , dust and greese in your screen otherwise it will look awful.
  • Cheap, fits good and nice quality

    posted by virubro

    Anti glarePrevent ScratchesFits perfectEasy to placeWith cleaning cloth5 pcsLooks greatVery handyVery Cheap
    This screen protector is great! Its fits nice on the screen, almost no air bobbles at the first try. Anti glare is super handy when the sun shines on your screen.
    Cheap and good quality. Easy to use. Specially designed for the HTC one V. They are only 3 dollar 20

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