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  • An interesting replacement bridge

    posted by sandavito

    They're cheap and fit exactly as they are supossed to fit in the guitar.
    I bought these to replace the bridge of a classical guitar that had suffered an "accident", and, so far, they work just fine. They're not made of ivory but they're not plastic either, so, this beef bone is in the midle of them.
    They solved my problem fine for much less than other alternatives.
  • Excellent guitar strings

    posted by jeronimo71

    The nylon core silver plated copper alloy wound 6-string set is full and bright tone. The strings are the best replacement guitar strings for your broken one. The replacement strings will make your guitar in good condition again.
    The best strings in the world won't make a poor classical guitar sound great but poor strings will ruin the sound of a great classical guitar.You may or may not have a great guitar but you will certainly be better off with the best strings you can find for it. High quality classical guitar strings that feel right for you and also improve the sound of your nylon string guitars.This issue shows you a way to find some of the best sounding strings for your guitar.
    The truth is I don't know what classical guitar strings will sound better on your nylon string guitars. And I certainly don't know what sets and brands will feel just right to you. The best classical guitar strings for you are the ones you like the best. Here's a way to eliminate the guess work and get down to finding those strings.
  • Good strings

    posted by guitng

    As soon as I realized they were unpacking quality articles.The sound is good and has no problem tuning.The finish of the strings is of excellent quality.My guitar was excellent with the strings.The product came well packed and the strings are not defective.
    No doubt a great buy, one of the best products of DX on cost and benefit.
    It is an amazing product at half the price of famous brands.I recommend to students and people from the intermediate level.
  • Fantastic Pedal for the Price

    posted by danly

    Considering the price point, I was pleased to discover the metal housing and general sturdiness of the switch and dials. At reasonable settings the chorus is convincing and gives a nice warmth to the sound.
    DX should start linking devices that can use power adapters with compatible power adapters.
    If you're on a budget and you want a sturdy and fun pedal, then get this.
  • No problem

    posted by Ottopsy

    The strings are well packed with informations who are easy to find and understand.They were easy to install.They are fully useful for guitars beginners.Good sound for the price.
    The sound is clear and the chords seems rather though.It's good chords for beginners or for childrens because they are really soft to the touch.
    This is a good value for money. It's an interesting product in a first aid kit for musicians.

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