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classical guitar strings

You can buy cheap classical guitar strings from us. DX offers worldwide free shipping and faster delivery. Your support is our greatest motivation.
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classical guitar strings Customers Reviews

  • No problem

    posted by Ottopsy

    The strings are well packed with informations who are easy to find and understand.They were easy to install.They are fully useful for guitars beginners.Good sound for the price.
    The sound is clear and the chords seems rather though.It's good chords for beginners or for childrens because they are really soft to the touch.
    This is a good value for money. It's an interesting product in a first aid kit for musicians.
  • Excellent guitar strings

    posted by jeronimo71

    The nylon core silver plated copper alloy wound 6-string set is full and bright tone. The strings are the best replacement guitar strings for your broken one. The replacement strings will make your guitar in good condition again.
    The best strings in the world won't make a poor classical guitar sound great but poor strings will ruin the sound of a great classical guitar.You may or may not have a great guitar but you will certainly be better off with the best strings you can find for it. High quality classical guitar strings that feel right for you and also improve the sound of your nylon string guitars.This issue shows you a way to find some of the best sounding strings for your guitar.
    The truth is I don't know what classical guitar strings will sound better on your nylon string guitars. And I certainly don't know what sets and brands will feel just right to you. The best classical guitar strings for you are the ones you like the best. Here's a way to eliminate the guess work and get down to finding those strings.
  • Very cheap set of classical guitar strings

    posted by cpdjunior

    - Extremely cheap set of strings- Great sound. Although I'm a beginner, I could immediately notice the quality improvement of the sound of my guitar.- Nice finish. I've been using the strings for about a month and they are still bright.- Good packing, with separate and labeled packs for each string.
    Even using the most expensive brands, there is always a chance that one or another string will need to be replaced. I would recommend to always have another set of strings as replacements, just in case.
    If you are a casual guitar player, who do not want to expend a lot of money with strings every now and then, this is a very good choice.
  • Good value for money strings

    posted by HiggsBoson69

    The strings are quite cheap and offer very good value for money.It is easy to install the strings and the quality of the sound is good enough.The strings are strong enough and are not fragile.
    After restringing you will find that the strings go out of tune very quickly. This is normal and is expected. It is recommended that you allow about 1-2 weeks for the strings to settle it after restringing before it stays in tune.
    These strings are good value for money and sound decent on a classical guitar.Its good to have a set for backup.
  • Awesome strings for the price!

    posted by kenjitoyama

    - Couldn't be happier with this strings. They sound great on my cheap acoustic guitar.- Super CHEAP! There's nothing even close to this price range in local stores here.- The shipping was actually quite fast. It was just over a week.
    I'll be ordering more of this. I'm very pleased with the sound, the strength and the feeling on my fingers.
    Awesome set of strings. If you want great sounding guitar strings for cheap, you can't go wrong with this one.


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