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Finding your favorite class 10 tf card is easy in our product catagories. As your loyal companion, you'll find thousands of cool gadgets here at DX. Customers can also browse 16gb tf card class 10 or tf memory card class 10 to find their desired products. We hope that you have a fulfilling shopping expreience, on China's leading e-commerce retailer website.
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class 10 tf card Customers Reviews

  • One of the Best Class 10 Cards on the Market

    posted by Cabel

    Great price and speed. I have tested the card with the application SD Tools and it reached the application maximum speed> writing speed: 12.4 MB/s, reading speed 25.8 MB/s. The real speed probably goes beyond the SD Tools application boundaries. The adapter is great and fits perfectly with the card and the lap top card reader.
    It arrived to Macedonia relatively fast. I have order it on 25th of March.
    Great product with good price!
  • Very good memory card with good price

    posted by Tihachgmail

    The card seems genuine. It works with Samsung Galaxy S4 mobile phone perfectly. Capacity and speed are as advertised. I haven`t used the adapter but it seems to be in order.
    I use it with mobile phone and have no problems. It would surly work with any other device that supports that much memory.
    So far I haven`t seen any cons so I would fully recommend this memory card.
  • Very good product.

    posted by ferdi_morais

    This micro SD card is excellent. Since it has a Class 10 rate of communication it is very useful to use in devices that require large data band, such as telephones that record video at 1080p resolution and 30 fps.
    I bought this micro SD card to replace the original micro sd card from an HTC Surround that got defective. I even tried to replace the previous card with a class 4 card but the phone didn't accept it well, it got very slow. So I bought a class 10 to make sure it would work, and it did!
    Very good purchase, I recommend it.
  • Original Samsung, speeds are great!

    posted by ErichSan

    Well, if you're looking at this SD Card this means you're searching not only for storage amount but also storage quality and performance.Trust me, this is exactly what you want.Although in DX, this is a brand new original Samsung (Chinese market aimed) SD. Reaches the SDXC speed with about 5% margin +-.
    If you're looking for a reliable SD card that will perform at the best possible (at the date of purchase), well, this is exactly what you're looking for. If in your country SD"s are as expensive as here (Brazil), get it!
  • More is better

    posted by stalemate

    - Worked from the start.- Fast enough that I can't complain about the speed.- Doubled the available space I had in my Android phone.
    I am using this card in my Motorola Atrix phone, for which I had been searching for a reliable yet inexpensive replacement microSD card.This card was also tested it on 2 computers to transfer data back and forth through their respective MicroSD card readers.I haven't tested the actual throughput, but I have streamed music, videos and launched apps from it with a speed comparable to phone's internal memory.
    Trustworthy brand, great price.

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