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class 10 card Customers Reviews

  • Bit expensive

    posted by kaltuzak

    - It's a 32gb micro SD card, not a fake one.
    - Works pretty well, I didn't see much of a need of a higher class on my cell phone, since I just store mp3 and some apps.
    - The adaptor is fine and I have no complains about the quality.
    Kingmax isn't a bad trade mark, you can trust, I didn't have problems yet, it's been 4 months after buying.
    All in all is a good deal, no complains about the product in general besides the price.
  • Fairy priced but not real class 10 (but 6) samsung micro sd 16gb memory

    posted by AnibalS3

    True 16GB card.The memory comes with an sd adapter.Includes plastic case for transport and resguard.
    Average 6MB/sec write speed.Average 17MB/sec read speed.
    I don't know if this is the best choice if you need a truly class 10 memory.You should buy it only if you really can sacriface performance.Not sure if it's genuine samsung, the case is generic and unbranded.
  • It´s a very good product. Works like i should

    posted by pordefault

    very good price quality ratio. Very fast to read and write. Works anywhere a micro SD card works. I tried it in a camera, cell phone and computer. It is fast enough for Windows to use it as a "ready boost drive" in my blackberry
    i´ll buy it again. Good Price for a Class 10 card. Also comes in a little plastic case for storing it.
    buy it, you´ll no regret. Didn't have any problems. I'm pretty satisfied with this card. Really good speed
  • Good Memory Card

    posted by BlackBull2

    I think it's a genuine product. It looks like one.
    I did some tests using SKU 6858 and CrystalDiskMark and it reaches 20MB/s reading speed and 19MB/s writing speed. I can´t get 30MB/s, but it is a class 10 since the minimum speed of this class is 10MB/s.
    Pretty good. I'll buy next time one 8GB. Very good matterial.
    I think it's a genuine product. It looks like one.
    It reaches 20MB/s reading speed and 19MB/s writing speed. I can´t get 30MB/s, but it is a class 10.
  • It's really Fast and it does make a difference!

    posted by wkbrg

    Really fast, I tested it on my Nikon D7000, used it to replace two (Original) Sandisk 30MB/s cards, and it appears to be a little faster in everything, specially when turning the camera on after changing cards, and when shooting continuously, I got higher frames/s than before (with those 2 cards listed above), and the camera buffer transfers to the card a lot faster, before you get the camera down the buffer is already saved to the card.
    The box came sealed from factory. This card is Japan made, or at least that's what is written on the box.A Sandisk 16GB 15MB/s costs 2 times more than this card here in Brazil, I can't even find such fast cards as this one here in Brazil.
    Great product, good brand, I'm already buying another one.


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