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  • 350~400mA Regulated LED Driver Circuit Board for DIY Flashlight

    posted by ileonex

    +Very small diameter(12mm);+Sufficient thickness of the board;+Comes with soldered wires;+Very good efficiency;+Accurate specifications(350~400mA output current from one battery);+Comes at pair on excellent price;+No boring modes;+Suitable for 1AA/1AAA flashlights;+Well regulated;
    Small and very useful LED driver circuit board.Can be used for any DIY project flashlights;Easy to mount it in small flashlights;Just ON/Off,so no problems with strobe or SOS modes.Suitable for 1AA/1AAA flashlights;Well regulated;
    Excellent board on excellent price.Good to have it. Recommended buying.
  • Driver Board

    posted by innov57a

    Excellent driver. Quality of installation the very high! Put this driver in a flashlight on cree xm-l t6 light-emitting diode, thus brightness considerably increased in comparison with the native driver of this flashlight. One of advantages that there is a choice of a set of modes. Still I want to note high efficiency, checked in all modes, quantity of allocated heat so low that the radiator isn't necessary. I recommend to all who likes to finish all the hands
    the best price for this product!
    highly recommend!
  • W O W better buy it now!!!

    posted by dealgrabber2002

    This baby can pump out 600-800mA from one AA.Very well builtlook quite nice, no sloppy jobmaking a weak light into an AA throwing monsterCan convert into 1 mode
    Rosimen RC-G2 + this baby = ouch my eyes hurt. Want an AA throwing monster, this is a must have!!!
    Buy more if you are a modder because this baby is getting alot of good review. I will not be surprise if it goes "back order" again.
  • 3-mode LED Driver

    posted by ileonex

    +Small diameter+Quality PC board;+Good looking:)+Well soldered;+Accurate specifications;+Comes with soldered wires;+Good efficiency;+Good diameter for most 1AA flashlights;
    Can be sanded to smaller diameter.With 2 AA batteries the modes work perfect,bright enough and the strobe is very good(not too fast).It's perfect tactical led driver.Always starts on High,Medium is very good and the strobe is excellent.Watch my video!
    Will be good if the board works properly at low voltage-1AA flashlights are more popular than the 2AA flashlights.Probably works well with CR123 batteries 3V.
  • it was delivered broken

    posted by Porokl

    good driver. he provide about 2.5 amps to XM-L LED at maximum mode serially connected to a fully charged 18650 in maximum mode it takes about 1.2 amps. when the batteries run down, the current increases to 2 amps. I measured it all the bad in bad multimeter probes.
    The driver selects to replace the flashlight scu 126,256. he is well fit for the old driver, but had to do some work with a file. driver produces the sound of the second mode, the first mode, it is not audible
    good driver

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