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  • very good reliable driver

    posted by armitatz

    - easy to use- easy to solder- delivers 1.4A to led- 1 mode perfect for simple designs and retrofitting in old lights.
    easy to solder. small diameter fits in many old lights. perfect for updating old lights. straightforward use. no problems with soldering. I used it for an xml led and it delivers 1.4Amps to the led. The use was with no problems and the driver works without geting too hot.
    nice driver. veru useful. easy to use. I expect a 1-mode 2.0A version...
  • 350~400mA Regulated LED Driver Circuit Board for DIY Flashlight

    posted by ileonex

    +Very small diameter(12mm);+Sufficient thickness of the board;+Comes with soldered wires;+Very good efficiency;+Accurate specifications(350~400mA output current from one battery);+Comes at pair on excellent price;+No boring modes;+Suitable for 1AA/1AAA flashlights;+Well regulated;
    Small and very useful LED driver circuit board.Can be used for any DIY project flashlights;Easy to mount it in small flashlights;Just ON/Off,so no problems with strobe or SOS modes.Suitable for 1AA/1AAA flashlights;Well regulated;
    Excellent board on excellent price.Good to have it. Recommended buying.
  • A friendly little driver

    posted by carper123

    They work, have proper efficiency and come to a fair price. The simple layout makes it easy to tweak the driver for your specific application. It fits lots of Flashlight shells and modules sold on dx.Take a 7135 chipp off and you get 700ma.So you can use for other leds or you can add a 7135 and get 1400ma just a good driver.
    It should be better to write a couple lines in product description - about installation and configuration of this driver just so the younger people can understand how things work .I'd buy another one :)
    nice driver if you dont want all the other modes just on off works for me.
  • A Great Multi Mode 1*AA LED Driver

    posted by lyonn

    - Capable of high output power with 1*AA battery
    - 20 modes capability
    - Good build quality
    - Gold plated PCB tracks
    - Does not heat up
    - Good price
    Good boost LED drivers are harder to find and are more expensive than buck drivers. This is particularly true if you need a multi mode with boost buck topology. Most of the drivers that are available do not provide sufficient drive currents with single or double AA batteries and overdrive when powered with Li-Ions. I realized that one really has to realistically consider either 1*AA/2*AA or Li-Ion configuration and then strike a good LED-boost driver-battery combination because most of these kind of drivers do not really offer good output current regulation with both types.
    I gave my daughter 2 single mode 1*AA flashlights for her everyday use. The 1st one a cheap Police 5W that I bought locally and the 2nd one a focusing flashlight that I got here (SKU 39585). The SKU 39585 is quite bright and offers flood or spot capability but the Police 5W is hardly useful. Since the latter had a very nice host, I decided to mod it. I picked this driver, an XP-G R5 on a 14mm star and an aluminum OP reflector(SKU 14598) for the project. After looking around a lot for something that I could use as a pill, I found a cheap cell phone emergency charger with an aluminum end cap that was just about the right size and thickness.
    After 2 hours of tinkering I finished the mod and run some tests. Everything seems to be ok except that I am having some difficulty switching groups. I think that my daughter ought to work out the UI better than I can as she is technically proficient considering her age.
    Overall I'm quite happy with this driver and most certainly will order more of these for 1*AA flashlight mods.
    Highly recommended for upgrading 1*AA flashlights.
  • Works well - as advertised

    posted by ledsmoke

    A true constant current board that accepts a voltage up to a full Li-ion battery of 4,2 or a little higher for the exotic flavours of batteries.Also good with 3*AA rechargeables but dont expect to get the full 2,8A to the led.Dont use with two Li-ion batts though. It will cook and burn and fail and it will smell. Dont ask how i know ;-)
    Versatile and powerful but does not have enough low and medium modes for modern high powered flashlights.
    Great little boards.


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