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circuit board mode Customers Reviews

  • Smart driver

    posted by Felinux

    - Good build quality (clean soldering)
    - Easy wiring (noobproof)
    - Smart group/mode selection
    - Usefull simple mode (low - off- mid - off - hi)
    - Funny fast strobe mode (for my cat!)
    - Memory
    This driver is very smart, i like the group selection and the mode selection, my flashlight now is usefull for work (whit "low-mid-hi" group) and for fun (whit "low-mid-hi-fast strobe-police strobe-superslow srtobe-slows trobe-SOS" group).
    Perfect if isn't dim whit only 3 NiMH AAA....so, use only Lithium batteries!
  • Driver Board

    posted by innov57a

    Excellent driver. Quality of installation the very high! Put this driver in a flashlight on cree xm-l t6 light-emitting diode, thus brightness considerably increased in comparison with the native driver of this flashlight. One of advantages that there is a choice of a set of modes. Still I want to note high efficiency, checked in all modes, quantity of allocated heat so low that the radiator isn't necessary. I recommend to all who likes to finish all the hands
    the best price for this product!
    highly recommend!
  • Works with up to 6 XML's

    posted by valdasbiel

    Driver board is suited to work with 4,5,6 XML's connected in series with output on high about 1~1.2A. It has three modes on cycle press and hidden flash. You can set any of three modes choosing from 10 levels of brightness. It has low voltage warning turning red status on.
    For better use with 3 or 4 XML's I have modified sense resistor with 0.04 Ohm value. Output current on high increased up to 1.5A.
    For the price it has one of the best user interfaces in comparison with similar drivers
  • Good circuit board

    posted by KentS

    Seems to pump out a lot of current on high, medium is still bright with a CREE R2 and for once low is really a low. Build quality seems good (I soldered on it and it still works :-))
    17mm fitted the pill on my host but many pills are made for 16mm. I wouldn´t start to sand this thing down.
    Intensity with 1 NiMh on high and medium is about the same.
    My soldering skills are very lacking so heat sinking in my application is not good. I have not noticed that it gets very hot though running on three NiMH.
    Good circuit board with a good selextion of modes and input voltages.
  • Not 2500-3000ma.

    posted by machine4321

    Price is good. Size is very small and easy to fit into lots of housings. Seems decently built
    Wish it was a true 3.0a. Wires could also be a tad thicker. Other then that, for the money its it seems to be a decent driver capable of good light output. The 2 lifhts I have built are plenty bright for fast trail riding. I still wish they would run at the true 3 amp as advertised
    Good product, but not near rated output. Spending more money may get you more output but who know in this dayand age.

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