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  • Boost Driver

    posted by chrishh777

    This is one of the few boost drivers on sale. I prefer boost drivers because generally they allow the use of higher capacity 18650 batteries in place of 16340 batteries. This is a CC driver so should, in theory, work with less than 5 LEDs in series - provided there is sufficient voltage differential. I'm planning to use this driver to replace the buck driver in my MX Power 3xCREE flashlight SKU 5971 - provided there is room in the pill for it. This should allow the use of 2x18650s in place of the 4x16340s.
    There is a lot of information about this driver on candlepowerforums. There are also details for modifications to allow the driver to be used in different applications.
    Very cheap high power boost driver.
  • Great little PCB for super price!

    posted by ollyk22

    Allows you to run LED without strobe modes
    Cool running
    runs to stated specs i.e. supplies 1 amp @ 3.7V
    Great little board. Not for a total beginner but if determined things can be worked out with little knowledge.
    Wish there was a data sheet available!
    I am not sure what the highest voltage is? I assume it is 5V. I tried 6.5v without ill effect but would not want to continue at that level!
    Excellent and worth every penny despite its shortcomings!
  • nice driver for several uses.

    posted by lasermanathome

    sure , you can use them for Cree leds etc.But the single mode makes it possible to use them for other functions too.I have used them for 455-445nM laserleds, those nasty bleu powerbeam LD's with over ONE WATT bleu laserlight.Those laserleds can easily be destroyed, this PC prohibits this and crank your LD up to its max without obvercurrent.
    You have to use them with LD or leds wich are in voltage near white powerleds(3-4V)Almost no heating up or instability in current.
    Nice PC for inventors, in theory you can put them parallel but diode for safety is advised.
  • 3-mode LED Driver

    posted by ileonex

    +Small diameter+Quality PC board;+Good looking:)+Well soldered;+Accurate specifications;+Comes with soldered wires;+Good efficiency;+Good diameter for most 1AA flashlights;
    Can be sanded to smaller diameter.With 2 AA batteries the modes work perfect,bright enough and the strobe is very good(not too fast).It's perfect tactical led driver.Always starts on High,Medium is very good and the strobe is excellent.Watch my video!
    Will be good if the board works properly at low voltage-1AA flashlights are more popular than the 2AA flashlights.Probably works well with CR123 batteries 3V.
  • Good faetures, but narrow V-in range

    posted by gearbox

    Small, thin, compact, miniscule, tiny, uh...un-big?Good, useable settings without a lot of "fluff."Didn't explode in a fiery blast upon incorrect polarity. So that's nice.
    To expound on the previous fields: I don't know how effiecntly it runs, but it's compact and versatile, with the exception of the input voltage. I tried to run it on a single CR123 that read 2.9V and I tried to run it on a transformer that read 3.0V. It would barely emit with the X-former and was very, very dim. I suppose I could have attempted to change modes if I was on low, but I don't think it would be worth it. I switched the xformer to 4.5 and 6V and got good light with full settings availability.
    I don't know how long it can run at 6V, but it ought not burn the barn down.
    Remember to heatsink. I was letting the SSC dangle in the air and a lead started smoking after just a minute of testing.

    As a side note, the strobe function works great for jack-o-lanterns and the SOS is more accurate and eye-catching than my Fenix P2D.
    If you have a specific project in mind and this fits the V_in and features, it's a great deal and a great product.

    If this would accept a wider range of V_in and if DX could find a supplier to add an inductor coil that didn't compromise 1/4" of room it would be even better.


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