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circuit board memory Customers Reviews

  • Perfect

    posted by neluferencz

    Good driver that has modes selection,so no more strobe or sos.Very cheap.Has atiny chip so maby hackable.Used whit "sku 57099" and got very good results,flashlight got noticeably brighter,however lowered battery runtime because it draws 2500-2800 mah.
    very good driver(16mm diameter) for xmlt6 led flashlight.Good for ultrafire wf 504b.
    if you want to boost underdrived xml t6 flashlight and if you do not want any strobe or sos mode just buy
  • Very good driver

    posted by TheBlackBird2

    I have the old version, the one in the 'customer images' and it's great.
    It is driving a P7 at full 4A in a floodlight every night for more than a year now without any problems.
    I am driving it with a 5V Switching Power Supply capable of 10A set at 5.8V so it can get 5.5V after the voltage drop.
    And if only somebody could tell us how to force them to one mode only it would be perfect.
    Great driver, it can drive a P7 with no problem with enough heatsinking and please somebody find out how to make this one mode.
  • 70% Efficiency buck Driver

    posted by amelyman

    27,9 Watts power from source at High mode
    So, looks exactly for SST-90 LED...
    Probably I hame made some mistake thru measuring and the Efficiency is higher...
    I measured with UNIT UT-70A Multimeter the linear voltage and linear current. As I know, it is not exactly correct (LED power is not "Linear")
    Really powerful driver. So, it has 5 modes - 28 watts, 14 watts, 8 watts from the Source and fast strobe and S.O.S. modes.
  • Better than I thought it would be.

    posted by Forgiven

    Driver seems to be well built. Its very easy to use, and on 6 nimh cells it drives 5 XRE R2s well. It was brighter than I thought it would be on high.
    This driver barely fits in the neck of A M*g C tube. I used it in a D. 5 XRE R2s with the 18mm DX reflectors SKU 14598 (4 pack so you will need 2 packs) Wired the leds in sires made a light brighter than a P7 with a long throw and very smooth beam.
    This is the only cheap boost driver I know of that will drive 5 leds on 7.4 volts. This was the easiest multiple emitter light I ever made.
  • Good Board

    posted by ABC1950

    Curcuit board is as described.
    The board is very easy to mod despite the fact that it came without any instructions. Memory mode works fine. All 5 modes are working nicely. The Mid and Low mode are really useful, mid being bright enough for distance throw and low being not too dim.
    This board is actually the exact one as the board i have in my SolarForce L2M 4.2-8.4V flashlight. It came as a surprise when i was comparing the two. It made me think if my solarforce bulb unit is a fake? or maybe this board is just simple and good enough for the factory to be using it in their flashlight? Needless to say it fits nicely in my L2M.
    It's definitely a good buy if any of your circuit board is fried.

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