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cigarette usb adapter Customers Reviews

  • Cute small useful charger

    posted by kac1983

    Very nice adapter, it has compact dimensions so it fits perfectley in the plug, without any part that comes out. It allows also to eventually close the cover if your car has one on the cigarette lighter plug. It has also a green led that allows you to know if it is still on. 1 Ampere is perfect to charge also the newest smartphones (that requires 1 Ampere of current) without any problems. for this price is almost given away.
    I'd buy one just in case you have low battery and need your phone on the road.
    Cute small useful charger
  • Very cheap CE branded charger

    posted by airkman

    Very small and lightweight. It connects nicely to the 12V power outlet in my Peugeot 307. The CE marking guarantees EU standards are met, which feels very good. A small blue diode shows if it is in use or not. Which is nice as you a glance can see if the charger is working or not.
    Small form factor. Incredible price at perceived level of quality.
    Very nice product for ~$3. Similar product at a local electronics shop are likely priced at least twice the price.
  • Dirt-cheap well working charger

    posted by stigmejlbjerg

    It charges anything that is compatible with usb charging. Even my iPod, which won't be charged by an other, much more expensive charger.It is quite compact, and is utilizes a simple on-chip switchmode supply = low complexity = good reliability.
    As written above, it uses an integrated switchmode controller, to form a basic buck-converter. The output ripple can be reduced significantly by taking it apart (easy) and solder on a 10uF ceramic SMD capacitor on the output. It is not necessary for standard use. I found out because I needed it for a slightly more demanding application.
    Dirt cheap, very simple, very reliable and very useful product. Don't hesitate to buy.
  • Works as you expect

    posted by maupal

    Fits inside the 12V dashboard socket, so no need to have a dongle/external chargers.USB output will charge most of existing today gadgets (mobile, gps, pda, mp3player, etc).
    It is labeled on the outside "Belkin", which I suppose is the brand. Actually, this brand means nothing, so one colleague asked me "What is Belkin?", and I had to answer, "nothing, it's just a USB charger"
    USB charger that almost fits inside the 12V socket, and it is quite affordable.
  • not bad

    posted by chazki

    Nice shapeNeutral colorOptimal dimensionsIt almost perefectly fits in cup holder slot of Logan2 USB 1000MAh slots
    Everything you need to charge in one round box. It sometimes looks like a part of car interior. You can charge your phone and help to charge the phone of your friend. It will be very useful in a car trip.
    Worth it to buy if you need to charge you devices in one place.


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