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On this page, you can find a wide selection of cigarette lighter torch. DX is the leading electronic products provider in the world where millions of people shop daily. 12v cigarette lighter and butane cigarette lighter are the hottest keywords that customer use. DX is the world leader in electronic gadgets.
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cigarette lighter torch Customers Reviews

  • Cigarette Case

    posted by litrowtf

    1° Very useful product. 2° the mechanism for storing and ejecting cigarettes works perfectly. 3° the flame regulator has an adapter that enables adjust the flame easily with one finger.
    spite of the many cons, this cigarette case and lighter is a great option of gift. Functional and beautiful, it's a good chice of gift
    I recommend.
  • Nice!

    posted by TimothyRuhe

    - Nobody in my country has ever seen some kind of thing, so it's kind of unique here.- It's very easy to use, and very handy if you have only one hand to light your cigarette's. Like when you are driving.- It protects your cigarettes from getting broken.- It's very cheap for a cigarette case and a lighter together.- It's strong looking.
    It's really a nice and unique cigarette case. But for just one dollar more you can buy a nicer cigarette case. So look around before you just buy.
    A nice way to hold your cigarettes with.
  • Focus Black Nickel Wiredrawing Cigarette Case Dispenser with Butane Jet T

    posted by jlsg58

    The Focus Black Nickel Wiredrawing Cigarette Case Dispenser with Butane Jet Torch Lighter (Holds 12) is a very nice case dispenser and a very inovative product that works very well with king size cigarrets .for the price its a very good product .
    Its a nice produt that your frieds will envoy.
    Wich there are a case dispenser like this for smaller cigaretts.
  • Heavy, hard to lose lighter.

    posted by Araiya

    This lighter is rather heavy, and much harder to lose than the smaller lighters that one would carry in their pockets.
    Part of the weight comes from the large frame that will hold a half pack of cigarettes, adding utility to style.
    The butane flame does a great job of lighting up nearly anything in its path, and being able to dispense a cigarette without blinking definitely turns heads.
    This is nearly the same size as my wallet, and larger than the clamshell cellphone I carry.
    I like to load one chamber with cigarettes using white paper, and the other chamber gets black cigarettes, both of which I inject myself.
    If I manage to not completely inject a smoke and load it in there, the design of the lighter will cause the cigarettes to become stuck, requiring one to dig it out with a key or other probing object.
    Also, make sure there's a smoke shop or other place that sells butane nearby. Lighters must ship empty, and it sucks to not be able to use the lighter until you can find the gas.
    For its price, the amount of function it comes with is hard to beat.
  • A great cigarette case

    posted by luisqj

    Look elegant. In my country always packs tienern images of rotting lungs, very sick people and stuff. None of that if we take this cigarette. Very nice for gifts.
    Look very elegant. A women love. DX I won money because the products are good and I am reseller. My clients love this cigarette case.
    If you have difficult times money, buy and sell in your country. Buy a gift, not a big expense and friends will love.

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