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christmas tree Customers Reviews

  • Very nice colors

    posted by posner

    It is cheap. The colors are very nice, the way they change is very smooth. I think it is a very nice decoration piece for Christmas. It not only works with USB but also with AAA's baterry, so it does not need to be near a PC.
    Well, overall I think it is OK. I would buy again if I lose it or break it.
    If you like decorative Christmas lights this is a must buy item.
  • Decorative Product

    posted by rotiman23

    Its easy to use, has great design and can be used as a tree topped or regular decorations around the hosue. It is colourfuul and has an sparkly design
    Its great for decorating trees and has nice shape to it. The build quality is not the best but its better than most tree toppers.
    Its an awsome product and you will be satisfied with the results it brings
  • Small but pretty

    posted by Belcat

    - Just plug it into your USB port
    - Slowly alternates between colours
    - LED will last a long time
    - A bigger version with multiple lights could be really neat.
    - A cute little decoration for around your office desk or computer desk.
  • Cheap

    posted by Raymond888

    Very good price for a christmas hat, its got nice features around the hat which make the product look great.
    I got this at the same time I got product 106531 off DX. The other product fitted nicer on the people I knew with bigger heads and the material was over twice as thick. However this product has nice features around the sides of the hat.
    Consider your options with this product.
  • Fun but needs work

    posted by TheOnePb

    Good decoration for the holidays
    Fun product, for yourself but also for others
    Nice gift
    The packaging really should be better because the sending made mine folded and that is not what I wanted!
    Very nice as a gift and original too!

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