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christmas light decoration

This is our best christmas light decoration, they all share a great design and great prices. With over 200 products uploaded daily on the DX website, you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for. Your support is our greatest motivation.

christmas light decoration Customers Reviews

  • Very good Product to buy

    posted by Kingchn

    The LED's are very bright and the overall quality of the product is also good. I am sure in the local market here it will cost more than 40 $$. Resistor in each LED give more safety fell.
    over all a good product to buy. I bough it to light up my home for Ramadan and is worth the buy.
    Very good for the price.
  • christmas lights

    posted by lucho291075

    good product, it arrived on time by the tree.it is made of light plastic, flexible enough to put in the tree.it was just like the prouct description.
    you do not need all lighting modes...you only would switch 2 or 3 times...or the kids will do that...but no need to have several modes...
    i am very pleased with this product. will buy again next year.
  • Nice, very bright

    posted by kn122754

    * very bright, installed on 7th floor balcony I can see it from hundreds meters away, even before sunset* light (compared on those products using lightbulbs), easy to install* VERY low consumption - measured 2-5W depending on the programm selected.
    only installed the lights last weekend, so can't say anything about the reliability and such stuff, as other users reported. For now I'm satisfied.
    Nice and very bright christmas decoration. Even if it lasts only one season still worth it.
  • bright but annoying

    posted by Popup

    These lights are pretty bright!
    They are marked IP44, which is not to be taken seriously.I would not want to use these outdoors, without taking adequate countermeasures. (Gluing everything shut - putting in a sealed plastic bag etc.)The power cord is very short. I would have preferred a longer cable, but that's just a personal preference.
    Bright, but annoyingly flashing - unless you mod them.
  • Groovy

    posted by dweiss

    Sweet colours, a solid number of settings and overall rave-ey awesomeness. Good visibility even with non-dark conditions
    Good buy, twisted wire style makes them easy to ghetto-mount to a wall with some thumbtacks.probably doesn't meet North American quality or safety standards - I wouldnt leave them on for long periods of time unattended. Also outdoor use is probably off the table, would probably damage the lights if not your home circuitry
    I would buy them again and still may purchase another set.

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