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chocolate cake Customers Reviews

  • Multicolor silicone molds

    posted by riky48

    Excellent multicolor silicone molds, bright colors, very useful for cooking small bites muffins or cakes. The dough does not stick to the edges, unmold easily. The purchase price is low gets 12 silicone molds at a great price, buying in any business would pay double what you paid. Very easy to clean, a little water and detergent and ready!
    They have the ideal size for muffins, are colorful, lightweight, economical and you will use it long. If the purchase is not going to regret.
    It's a good buy!!
  • Exactly as expected

    posted by yanilugalde

    It was arrived perfectly and it was what the seller promised. Get nozzles in a box with departments, then to keep handy.Their shapes are varied. You can make them well-appointed and cute cake decorations and cookies. I received the product on my door in perfect conditions.
    Totally advisable. The seller, the product, and the price.
    I am very happy with the purchase. Surely, I will be buying at DX again.
  • Works great. I like it.

    posted by omaega

    Soft rubbery material. Pretty design. I used it for chocolate molding. It worked! Easy to pop out the chocolate. Easy to clean.
    No instructions came with it. Don't know what the highest temperature is it can handle. I won't try to bake with it. I'll try it with jello! I tried an ice cube tray with rubber material too for chocolate molding and the bottom part of the chocolate didn't solidify well because of the material. It was grey chocolate.
    Pretty cool. Different shapes. Worth the buy.
  • Excellent

    posted by lukas1403

    Excellent size, and material, it was to make a gift to a cousin that makes sweet bakery, and she loves it.It takes 22 days to arrive, less than other DX packages.More quality than I was expecting, brightbul colors, and good silicone, it's very useful for making muffins, biscuits or cookies.In use: Does not stick.It's easy to unmold.Easy to wash.
    For the price, it's an excellent product, in my country something like this is about the U$S 20, so if you are thinking about buying it, Buy it!
    Great deal for an excellent price
  • Perfect accessory for the kitchen

    posted by mgalicia

    The plate material is rubbery Soft. The design is nice and well detailed. What can you do to chocolate with very good results as it desamolda easily and is easy to clean.Also can be used with glycerin soap or make ice decorated.
    It's small so it's useful for considerably sized pieces accessible for a bite. Very spacious for a piece of chocolate but not for soap or ice
    Perfect accessory for the kitchen

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