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  • Great for increase cooling

    posted by Matrixritter

    - Fits perfect on the ram chips of a Geforce 7600 GT.
    - Increases general cooling of the graphics card.
    Maybe some kind of glue might increase the cooling power more than the pads. But I am not sure if it does really.
    I bought this for the constantly overheating Geforce of my Dads PC and now everything is fine. I am not sure if you lose warranty when using this, because of modifiying the hardware.
  • Handy, but beware the quality

    posted by dxtremer

    It's a handy tool when you're about to remove heated surface soldered components off the circuit board.Nozzle attachment seems flimsy, but is afterall quite okay.
    It is much smaller than the picture made me think it is. It's only about 9 cm long with a suction nozzle attached."Made in U.S.A." -- I don't think so.
    It's a handy tool, but beware the quality. I got only 1 working suction nozzle out of 3.
  • Perfect.

    posted by Skumfidus

    The quality is as good as you'd expect from any well known brand. The filters are of a good quality, i see no realworld difference from more expensive gel filters. There is several different densities of the most important colours, and fewer of the less useful ones. This allows for very close matching of flash light to available light.
    If you suspect that you need this, there is not reason not to acquire this product.
    Does what it promises for a fraction of the price of alternatives. The most convient solution I've yet seen.

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