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chic knife Customers Reviews

  • Wow

    posted by Tessa25

    It is a nice stylish knife. I like the design. It has a wonderful sport appearance. Material quality is quite good – I am fully satisfied. The same knives in my country are more expensive.
    I am planning on buying one or two more knives.
    You really have to have this kind of knife at your kitchen. It has beautiful appearance and useful for outdoor activities and at home as well. I definitely recommend you to buy this knife, I think you won’t regret your purchase.
  • Useful addition to the kitchen

    posted by StreetTriple

    Looks cool.Protective cover is nice to have.This gets more use than our steel knives now.The size is perfect for most chopping needs. e.g fruit, cheese, chicken (but keeping away from bone).Staying sharp so far.Handle keeps fingers away from blade which what put me off some of the cheaper ones.
    Sharpness seems slightly better than a sharp steel knife.Slicing some firm cheddar required about half the pressure on the ceramic knife v a steel knife.
    Would definitely buy again.The price is higher than others but you do get a better handle and mine at least was sharp.
  • Excellent value knife.

    posted by commemoratives

    Great value knife. I selected white because it is easy to clean and be sure it is cleaned thoroughly. Blade is nice and sharp and handles well, will easily replace my other kitchen knives for about 80% of my needs.
    Did I mention excellent value? Yes, there are better ceramic knives out there for much less money, but I don't think they are worth the extra cash.
    It is super easy to care for and a very versatile knife. All you have to do is think about how to treat a ceramic blade and it will last a long time.
    Be careful cleaning this, it is very sharp. Not the sharpest knife I own, but amongst the sharpest. It would be so easy to get a laceration cleaning this knife it is not funny. Treat it with the respect and care it deserves and you will be delighted with it's performance.
    Buy it! It is a super value and performs well.
  • Amazing ceramic knife

    posted by wikolii

    This is a great deal.The knife is very light and sharp as hell.Almost too comfortable on one's hand, can cut through tomato skin like no other (if you know what i mean)
    Never use these on a hard surface as stone, ceramic plates or anything hard.Use only on plastic, wood or other smooth surfaces.
    Buy it, it's a GREAT deal.This was my first ceramic knife.I'm buying a larger one now.
  • just perfect!

    posted by FlameHeap

    * comfortalbe and ergonomic non-slip handle;
    * extremly sharp;
    * lightweight;
    * very easy to clean.
    I've start using it and understood that I want all other knifes to be like this. after a week you can't believe you could deal without it before. it's a pleasure to cut fruits, vegetables and meat with this knife. just perfect! though you need to be cautious not to cut your finger or not to drop it on a hard surface.
    perfect product! definetly will buy more!


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