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You may find that it is quite easy to purchase chic chefs ceramic here and you can save money at the same time. As the number 1 cool gadgets provider, DX provides and delivers high quality products from China, worldwide. What are you waiting for? Buy now!

chic chefs ceramic Customers Reviews

  • Excellent knife

    posted by juanmac

    Excellent knife, nice blade and good sharp.I use it to chop and slice vegetables and fruits in general. It comes in a nice packaging.Cuts through boneless meat, and a very good looking knife too!
    Excellent shape for chopping. A Must have! It is much cheaper for that kind of quality.
    You should have this knife if you like ceramic knives. The price is good and the quality too. Don't waste your time buy it!
  • Great

    posted by todorat

    Absolutely beautiful piece of equipment for the kitchen. lightweight, very sharp and with a nice colour. the price is reasonable. the packaging was nice as well, delivered in no more than two weeks
    I really cannot think of anything that can be improved. I was amazed that the item arrived before the new years eve. i expected that there will be a slight delay because of the holidays, but i was happy to receive the knives twio days after christmas
    I recommend this sku... you will never have to spend an awful amount of money on kitchen knive sets. those two beautiful knives can replace everything in your kitchen
  • Wonderfull little ceramic knife

    posted by ebismo

    This is a very nice little ceramic knife. Very sharp, nice handle, and the sheath makes it just perfect.The best thing about the sheath is that it holds into the plastic handle, not the blade, thus protecting it from breaking by "flexing" force.that makes it perfect for tansportation.
    I got 3 of them, I should have gotten at least 6
    Really good buy
  • Very good knife

    posted by gsbbros2

    Very good handling and good cut. Size is perfect for cutting meat.
    Very good knife. It would be perfect if it comes with a blade protector. Not sure how long the sharp blade will last.
    Recommended knife. DX price could be better but it is still very good when compared to Kitchen accessory stores in my country.I am still trying out ceramic knifes to compare with the steel ones, so this is my first try.
  • the best knife to buy

    posted by mar2013

    the edge is very good, very maneuverable, is ultra lightweight, easy to use.comes in very safe packaging and is top quality.
    When does my product did not trust him, but once I tried it I was amazed at his caliad recommend 100% other thing I recommend is to not let the alcanse of children since its sharpness is very good, while a suevemente is simply cAN CAUSE rosar damage.
    This product has not yet against. has a lot going for quality, good price and fast shipping attention.

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