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  • Great ceramic knife for house use

    posted by aletrt

    It is very sharp and it is perfect for cooking and slicing vegetables, meat and everything at the kitchen.It has the perfect size for handling it, not so big, not so small.It seems o be resistant to scratches
    Should bring a cover or bag to keep it safe and don't hurt anyone while in the drawer
    It's perfect for professional and non professional use.I recommend this product over other ceramic knives i've bought
  • Incredible knife

    posted by riven78

    Good quality Reasonable price Good. Very convenient handle. The material of the handle is pleasant to the touch. It was very sharp,
    For the money you pay it is a really good ceramic knife and can absolutely be compared to more expensive knives. Size is perfect for kitchen
    Recommended knife. excellent cutting of vegetables and salads. Thus, the ceramic surface of an edge excludes a premature fermentation even such salads which in the absence of a ceramic knife should be torn hands to exclude contact with a metal knife blade.
  • Wow

    posted by Tessa25

    It is a nice stylish knife. I like the design. It has a wonderful sport appearance. Material quality is quite good – I am fully satisfied. The same knives in my country are more expensive.
    I am planning on buying one or two more knives.
    You really have to have this kind of knife at your kitchen. It has beautiful appearance and useful for outdoor activities and at home as well. I definitely recommend you to buy this knife, I think you won’t regret your purchase.
  • ultimate ceramic knife

    posted by maxped2010

    Extreme sharp, well balanced ,easy to clean ,good lucking , good grip, perfect to all food , easy to use on daily basis in your kitchen..
    Only to remember to take care of knife,its ceramic and must not hit steel and other hard material,,use it on good quality plast or wood chopping board
    Buy it,love it,take care of it and you will have a friend in your hand

    posted by Sevres

    This is the coolest kitchen knife I've ever owned.The blade is made of zirconium oxide, which is an extremely hard material (almost as hard as diamond, and diamond is the hardest material on Earth).It is VERY sharp. Cuts through boneless meat, ... like a burning knife would cut through butter! One "slicing" is enough and will give you a very clean cut.Also very nice looking. The blade is blackish, and the non-cutting part is shiny (it's a mirror). I really like it.The handle is soft and allows for a very comfortable grip.
    I bought another one for myself if the first I bought ever breaks or loses sharpness. Also bought a smaller one for me, and two for my mother (7" and 4").
    I REALLY like it. If you ever eat anything that's not oven-ready or microwavable, you must buy this knife.

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