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chic chef knives Customers Reviews

  • Beautiful knife

    posted by LarsU

    Very strong for a ceramic knife
    A pleasure to use
    Non-porous and chemically inert
    Steer clear of white blades unless you're very careful. Between me and my friend, we have cracked a few of them (and a couple yellow blades too).
    Just look at it - you know you're gonna love it!
    Get this and SKU 44540 and give all your other knives away!
  • Very good quality knife

    posted by Tobias3214

    I bought this product aproximatly 3 weeks ago and im really satisfied with it an amaizing Knife, for a low price, and it comes with a very good looking packaging (perfect if you want to give as a gift to somebody). I have used it every single day since i have it and works excellent. Its extreamly sharp, well made and easy to use.I found it perfect for fruit and vegetables and some other soft food.
    where i live this knife its double the price. And the shipping was really fast.
    If you are looking for a daily use ceramic knife, sharp, and a very good quality. this is the right product for you.
  • Terrific knife

    posted by StreetTriple

    A perfect size.This replaces our steel knife of the same size.I don't know if we were lucky with this particular sample but it was impressively sharp.I've never had a steel knife this sharp.
    Also bought 5" Chic Chefs Zirconia Ceramic which I thought was good but this 7" knife is way sharper.
    Would buy again without hesitation.
  • Amazing tool for your kitchen

    posted by BONGITO

    The knife is really amazing.Is extremely sharp, so be careful when using it. The handle is very comfortable made ??of material that does not slip easily. Is very well balanced and easy to use. Cut really easily with ease. The blade is long enough - as much as 15 cm and the handle is almost as much.
    Knife is a classic color and fits well in my kitchen.
    Buy it if you really want an excellent tool with which to easily cut
  • Eh you get what you pay for :D

    posted by LtBob

    Tip is very sharpVery cheap pretty much an extreme valueIt arrives perfectly in bubble wrap without and chips it is great for cutting onions without crying. It is a very decent ceramic knife but the edges are in need of a touch up.
    Eh you get what you pay for I guess
    I would not nessecarily buy another one of these I would pay abit more for a sharper one if I can find it, this is a great deal but not recommend for your only ceramic knife or just your first blade for the kitchen.

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