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charging docking station 3gs

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charging docking station 3gs Customers Reviews

  • Solid quality, very slow

    posted by kiamsiap

    Very solid build quality
    iPhone without casing fits into the solidly and perfectly, without any looseness or shaking
    Easy to connect, no need to force it in
    Transfer speeds and charging issues are related to the cable that comes along with it. After switching the cable to the original iPhone data cable, speed and charging became normal.
    After plugging in, audio out shifts to the audio-out port, hence games and music does not play (unless speakers are connected)
    - Ringtones and alarms still work.
    Very happy with the product. In fact, very surprised at the build quality, which was far higher than what I expected for this price.
  • Very Good Product for this money

    posted by IONMIH

    -i'm using it with Ipod 4 and it works well
    -good quality of cable and docking station plastic
    -works very well with all devices (phone's , PDA's) that can be charged with 5V and have USB port at one end of the cable (H2000 SKU 56423)
    -very useful and tested on triping
    -the line out is working on Ipod 4
    -no issues when using in Europe (tested in Romania/Holland/Belgium)
    -Good product ideal for tripping because has small sizes and low weight.
  • Perfect for the job

    posted by kozsik

    Perfectly does the job. It holds the iPhone stable (not only with the dock connector). The charging/syncing works great, the audio out is good.It let the ringer sound out, so you can hear it nicely.
    First I tried it with my old iPod cable (I like it more, than the original iPhone cable), but it was too big and pulled the dock back, when it was empty. Not a big problem, because I don't want to pull in-and out the cable, so the iPhone cable will do the job.
    This product is a real bargain for this price. It's almost the same as an original one, bur for 5% of the price.I'll suggest it for every friend who ones an iphone 3G(s).
  • need to remove silicon case in order to charge

    posted by Yacovc

    nice product, small in size, work ok, much cheaper then other similar products, looks very nice on the table, dont take much space.
    a wider dock will make a much better product
    recommended its a good product for its price and if you dont use silicon casing for your iphone it is a great and cheap solution for you
  • Great dock, lousy cable...

    posted by steelfrog

    Really nice looking dock, almost as smoothly finished as a real one from Apple.
    Comes with a mini-jack <-> mini-jack stereo cable, works great!
    Dock fits perfectly on my iPhone 3GS :) Don't have to force my phone into it unlike some other cheaper docks i had.
    Tried to connect it to my Onkyo home cinema amplifier and playing my favourite songs is a piece of cake now!
    Great product but doesn't really do all the things it's supposed to do!

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