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  • Cheap and cheerful - doesn't work with everything

    posted by jennertc

    Small and light, standard type-A female USB plug on the bottom plus a red led to show it's plugged in. Not a bad price - but there are lots of cheap USB chargers around, there's not much to them!
    Limited usefulness because it's just a "dumb" 5v supply with a USB connector. For things which will charge from it, it works! I use it for my Digimate 3 hard disk with a home-made cable to the round charging socket and my PSP with a USB charger cable.
    Was hoping it would be the only charger I'd need for all my USB-charge capable devices, but it's not by a long shot. That's not the charger's fault though really - and if you have things which will charge from a dumb charger this is as good as any!
  • good, but small flaws

    posted by ecotech

    it has good build quality, and well-thought-out features, like lots of charging ports, so you don't have to keep swapping cables in and out, or cluttering up the wall outlet with splitters and lots of separate wall-warts.it operates on 100-240vac, so the manufacturer conveniently put a standard appliance cord socket on the unit, and provided just a plug (us in this case, but there are other skus with different plugs). you can also use it with a standard appliance cord (not supplied).
    durability remains to be seen.
    it's a good product, at a fair price (not cheap by dx standards). it would be great is someone could post a copy of the instructions or a link to them (even though i think i've figured out what i need to know).
  • Handy little charger that uses regular batteries

    posted by CanadaCG

    This is a very small-sized charger that uses 2 normal AA batteries and provides a USB charge to anything that needs it. It will give you some extra talk-time for your cell phone and even has enough output to put some charge on my Samsung Galaxy 7" Tablet!
    This unit is so small that you can carry it in a pocket or purse easily. A great way to get USB power for whatever needs it using just 2 ordinary AA batteries!Build quality is good and the output seems to be decent. Has a red LED light to show USB power is working - gets dim or goes out altogether when its batteries are depleted and charging stops.
    I'd recommend anybody who uses anything that charges from USB have one of these on-hand. It's low cost and very small, so it's easy to carry around. Provides great power in an emergency or just when you want some portable USB power!(It added 1% charge to my tablet in the time it took me to write this review.)
  • spare battarey

    posted by arseny0

    * Cheap and fully compatible with HTC Sensation RUS phone (model PG58130).
    * Charger indicator works, the two colors are quite good.
    * Has a USB port for charging using phone
    I will use it as a spare emergency battery. I can not recommend it for an every day use, but it can be OK for this.
    Good spare battery for HTC Sensation
  • Doesn't fit all sockets

    posted by Carmen1405

    It's small and light weighted.It doesn't get hot while charching, only a bit warm.It does what you expect from it.
    I tried this for the ipod nano, iphone 4 and ipad 2. It works for all these 3 devices.
    It fits in the socket I use the most, so I don't have any problems with it. But it might be a problem, because not every sockets fit. But for this price I can't complain.


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