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  • It works, so it's good

    posted by hisalmin

    It's cheap and it works. What else could I need? I haven't really measured it, but I'd say this is quite fast. It's easy to change the plug it you need to. It has a standard IEC C8 socket, so you can change the whole cord.
    Exactly the same product is sold in Europe under different brand names, and with a totally different price tag.
  • Works on iPod Touch 4G

    posted by brted

    I wasn't sure what to think about this thing, but I had an older charger that wouldn't work with the 4G Touch. Using 2 fresh 2000 mAh Eneloop NiMH rechargeable batteries, I was able to get the iPod from 14% of battery to 94% (using Battery Doctor app to monitor the charge status) in 1 hour 20 minutes. At this point a warning popped up that the device did not support charging, and the red indicator light was off. The batteries were not completely dead at this point and after a few minutes they were able to charge the iPod again, but only for a few seconds.
    Came in retail type packaging and the charger itself seems professionally made. The white LED is kind of worthless. With the lower voltage of NiMH batteries, it less than a lumen of output. With higher voltage alkalines in the charger, the light was brighter, maybe 5 lumens. There is no power cord included so you will need the original or buy an extra cord here (make sure the power cord supports newer Apple products; older USB cords won't work).
    Seems like a good buy to me if you already have some extra rechargeable batteries. If your iPod (or iPhone) are running low, you can put some batteries in and be charging on the go. Because of the heat generated, keep an eye on it, and disconnect or turn the charger off when you get the warning that it isn't charging.
  • FAST charger for Li-Ion

    posted by Albertosoto

    FAST charger.It has a charge current of +-1.5AIt can charge Li-Ion(4.2V selector) and LiFePo4 (3V selector)
    Fast charger! measured a current of 1.7A when charging a 26650 4000mAh.Be aware what cells you charge on this. Small size (small capacity) Li-Ion can't be charged, as it will charge TOO fast for them.At a 1.5A rated current, I would only charge on this batteries that have almost real 1500mAh.
    A fast charger for high capacity Li-Ion batteries.Charging a good 26650 on a WF139 or similar took too much time. With this charger it only took 3 hours and a few minutes to go from 3.0V to 4.21V.
  • Nice charger All in one

    posted by pchaves

    Excelent charger. Easy to use and weel made plastic. It have witness light to indicate the state of the batteries chare. Very good relation between price-product. i need it to charge some batteries so the ones that comes with it are extras. The first charge were quick. I will continue testing it.
    Very Good product. continue testing
    Excelent combo Charger-Batteries
  • Good charger for Li-ion battery

    posted by Altair1970

    Works great with 18650 and 16340 with a small change
    Charge times and preserve the health of the Batteries
    Complete detachment from the post after reaching of 4.18 volts
    He can also charge batteries mistakenly discharged to 0 volts.
    Molto chiaro lo stato di carica attraverso l' osservazione dei led
    The battery charging times seem to have very different depending on the capacity, from an hour for 16340 to nearly 5 per 18,650 in 2400 mah.
    Probably charge with constant current, so if the cell has high capacity charging is slow, but this is not bad for battery life.

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