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Buy a charge note 2 from DX.com! It's your best choice. Dx offers a range of products from consumer electronics to outdoor sports gadgets and so much more. At DX there is something to suit everyone. You can also browse note 2 usb, nillkin note 2. Your satisfaction is our reason for working harder and we aim to make your shopping experience easy and pleasant.
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charge note 2 Customers Reviews

  • It works great with LG 4X HD (P-880)

    posted by esgrio

    It has good quality material. It works great with LG 4X HD (P-880). It is very stable.
    I bought it because I did not see any cradle for LG P-880 I didn’t know if will fit but I bet and I won. The mobile fitted perfect in it. I had to use another USB cable, with the package I bought 200 cm USB Cable (SKU: 154928).
    I recommended it to my friends even come with the USB cable too short.
  • Excellent

    posted by RobinLong

    InexpensiveAttractiveAppears SolidFits Phone wellFits charging cord wellMatches white phoneExtra room in the dock which may allow for a case
    The dock is light weight, which may mean it will be easily tipped over while the phone is docked. I've only had it one day so we'll see how well it stands. The cup that holds the phone has extra space to either side which suggests that I may be able to us the dock with a case. It also appears that a wider phone with the same thickness of the Note 2 might also work on this dock.
    Great for the price. You will be happy with it. I plan to experiment with cases to find one that fits while the phone is docked
  • Nice white Qi wireless charger.

    posted by Marscellpdg

    -works great.-compact size.-good charging time.-nice led colors.-Good cell phone compatibility.-very easy of use. -Good look and touch feeling
    Could be cheaper but is fine for what it does.tested on some cell phones and it charged them in a good time period, sometimes it gets a little warm but i think is normal. look and feel is quite good and very portable size.
    works great on my Nexus 5, I recommend it for any Qi wireless charging ready device.
  • Good QI charger for big phones

    posted by kamiloj

    Amazing charger, it was perfect for me, I have a nokia lumia 920 it is great, now I left my phone on my room charging without worry about cables.light is very soft, red when there is no cellphone, blue when it is charging, and off when cellphone is already charged.Buy it you are not going to regret.
    Excelente, good design, it is big, so I think it is very well designed for big phones (4.3" or upper)
    I love it.
  • Very useful!

    posted by rodrigozucarel

    Exaclty what I needed. The device fits perfectly (since it's made for i9220/n7000). The connector feels a little bit wide than the charging slot, but fits OK. It means you need to pull harder to get the device off the dock, but that's exactly what I wanted it to do. It works great and I always charge my phone in this dock from now on. Before I own this product, the charging connector used to keep disconnecting from the phone (very annoying). Now, the problem is solved!
    Great product. Works perfectly and solved my problems with the original connector (which is now connect to the back of this dock)
    I'll definitely buy with DX again! Great service.

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