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channel relay module

Purchase the latest channel relay module with wonderful pricing Here at DX we have a huge range of products for you to search from. Your support is our greatest motivation.
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channel relay module Customers Reviews

  • Very high build quality

    posted by pryur

    Very quality build. All the materials used in device are high quality: relays, board itself and connectors.It has leds, one for indicating power, and four for indicating relay state.Delivery package is also high quality.
    It arrived in a very nice package - corton box.I use it in my smart-home project for remote controlling of outlets, and control room lighting.Can operate as a normally open switch and as normally closed switch.It can fit power under appox 2500 Whatts.
    Recommend to buy, it is worth the money.
  • high build quality

    posted by fnurkla

    Very good quality build. All the materials used in device are high quality: relays, board itself and connectors. It has a led for indicating power. Delivery package (a cardboard box) is also high quality. Easy-to-use relay board for an electronic project. Requres "standard" digital supply voltage 5V DC. Signal inputs accept 3.3V levels too because of on-board transistors. Small size and mounting holes allow to fit into required place.
    The relays are a bit slow so dont use this for high-performance requiring projects. Leds may be annoying if you use this for lightning projects, but you can easily desolder them.
    A good deal for DIY electronics to manage multiple external AC loads. Good soldering, and no flux residues...
  • Works great with Arduino Uno

    posted by diypwn

    Works out of the box with 5V microcontroller boards like the Arduino Uno. Just hook it up to Ground, 5V and a pin of your choice. Use writeDigital(HIGH) or LOW to switch the relay on or off (or rather close the circuit Common - Normally Open).
    I have only used this relay with 12V DC fans that together draw less than 1A current. Even if the relay is rated higher I would not take the risk to go anywhere near the rating.
    Good value for money if you only need a single relay. Works great with 5V boards like Arduino Uno.
  • Cheap and easy to use

    posted by guttih

    Easy to use and allows you to control eight, 220 volts household appliances up to 2200 watts each. The led’s are great. I used an old IDE cable (hard disk cable) to connect the pins to the Arduino.
    I also bought an Ethernet shield here from DX and am now I am able to turn on and off, 8 house appliances in my home from the internet.
    An excellent product. You should definitely buy one, but be careful of the exposed soldering on the bottom of the shield.
  • Easy to use, hi power relay module

    posted by bigjack65

    Really high quality product. Board is made of good material, relay tracks are large to manage hi power, there is a milling in the PCB to ensure insulation between power and control tracks. Every channel have it's own led as monitor. Driver and relay are decoupled with an optocoupler assuring kilovolt of protection. You can separate supply for driver and for relay.
    Important to say: relay driver has a POSITIVE logic: relay is activated when input is tied to +5Vcc respect to the driver ground.
    Definitely a great product of great quality. I'll order another soon.

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